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Thread: State of the game?

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    Default State of the game?

    Hi all,
    I had long inactivity period, so i would like to know what additional content was added or what content will be provided in reasonable time?
    Are there any plans for dlc or smthg like that?

    B rgds

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    read through that depends what you look for in a game now really
    Edit by Melcom: so not.

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    Run...straight run and don't look back. What they just did to this game was it.
    Keep the "old" memories of AOC you have. All that gear you worked your butt off to get??? LOL LOL LOL. Trash. You can just BUY it now!!!

    GG funcom.

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    State of the game was ok, but recent update made the whole game pay to win. Don't come back, as said, keep the old memories you have and leave it at that.
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