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Thread: Update Notes - 29th October

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    Funcom Update Notes - 29th October

    • Fixed several causes of crashes and assert errors.
    • Many exploit fixes have been included in this update.
    • The drunken animation will now play when you are seated.
    • All reactive damage and healing gems can now proc their effect a maximum of once every 5 seconds.
    • The logout timer has been changed from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
    • Female characters should no longer display jaw movements when idle.
    • After each language change on your client, all skill/ability/spell items will now update to the proper language.
    • Fixed a cursor lockup issue that occurred with invert right mouse button.
    • The following emotes now work for both male and female characters: cheer, excitedclap, excited (formerly jig_f), flirt, hugefish, lightheaded, pushaway, and trance.
    • Male characters doing /emote clap will no longer play two different clapping animations on top of each other.
    • Fixed the OOC chatgroup; you can now talk to any players in any instance of the same playfield you are currently in.
    • The Field Manual has had several text errors corrected.
    • Fixed an issue where you did not drown when swimming under water for a long time.
    • Fixed an issue where some players heard random audible sound clicks.
    • Party people rejoice - proper drunkenness has been implemented!
    • We now have much more variety with combat music, with different combat music playing according to what playfield the player is in.
    • /stuck now checks to see if you could move normally before trying to make you unstuck.
    • /follow should work after zoning, while grouped.
    • Jumping into water will no longer drain stamina.
    • Logout will now be canceled by moving.
    • Last played character will now have focus when you log in to character selection.
    • Female "burning" emote should now be of equal length to the male one.
    • Many of the spells used by raid bosses will now ignore line of sight-checks, thus making it impossible to avoid them by hiding behind pillars and such.
    • Many of the spells used by raid bosses will now be impossible to fully resist.
    • Added sounds to male and female characters' drunken states.
    • You are no longer able to use the Search ability while mounted.
    • When performing a running jump, players should no longer experience a short animation-freeze if they release the forward movement key just before they landed.
    • Using /emote track with a female character will now play a tracking animation.
    • Drunk players should no longer have access to obscene emotes.
    • When jumping into water, all action animations are aborted.
    • The emotes 'thirsty' and 'shakehead' should now properly animate for Female characters.
    • The 'squat' emote should no longer show up twice in the emote-list.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause two players zoning at the exact same time to be invisible to each other once zoned.
    • Seven emote animations have received a visual make-over to prevent clipping issues.
    • Fixed an issue with hiding on a bridge.
    • Starting sneak and rest at the same time should no longer result in the client thinking the character is doing both. Sneak should now correctly cancel on the client when resting.
    • Stygian dance-moves should now feel more responsive.
    • Special dances have been fixed.
    • Female faces in character creation should now appear the way they used to look.
    • The Tarantia Sewers are now a group instance, and mobs inside will not respawn.
    • If a team kills an npc, the freshkill count will not be taken from a dead character, since he or she will not get xp for the kill.
    • The Pulsing Guard reactive heal proc has been changed to last much longer, and has had the heal per tick changed to make the total amount of healing received the same.
    • Fixed several typos in quests.
    • Jumping while sprinting will once again keep your sprinting speed.
    • Fixed desynch issues with your character when attacking and using the mouse to move around.
    • Resurrection will now only be possible on the closest resurrection spot. In resource and building playfields you will still be able to choose any of the resurrection spots known to you.
    • Tradeskill Trainer NPC's (to remove tradeskills) have been placed near the normal resurrection slabs in Brandoc, Caenna, and Nakaset.

    • Shield of the Risen has been changed to make resurrection pads safer. It will now not time out if you are within close distance to a resurrection pad, unless you perform a hostile action or get hit by an NPC.
    • Pet users: Your permanent pets will now follow you when you zone, and if they are alive when you die, will reappear when you resurrect. Temporary pets do not follow you when zoning, nor reappear after your death.
    • Improved the animation quality of weapon physics when out of combat.
    • Corrected animations for weapons being drawn and sheathed with the blade facing the wrong way.
    • Added stealth fatality animations. Now players will have a chance of doing a fatality on human enemies whenever they attack them from the stealth/sneak-hiding mode.
    • When aborting an attack, the combo is now fully aborted instead of reverting just that one attack in the combo chain.
    • Players and npcs should not get visually stuck in their magic animations anymore.
    • Pets will again take up positions slightly behind you.
    • Adjusted the pet placement to allow the pets to bunch up a bit more.
    • If resurrected with a spell, you are not silenced anymore after the resurrection is done.
    • Further tweaked the visual clientside lag for white damage that affected longer chained combos.
    • You should not be able to break fear or stun by spamming attacks/combos anymore.
    • Casting concentration will once again have an effect.
    • A number of clickable abilities have had their criteria checks changed to no longer allow them to be used while affected by crowd control abilities.
    • You can now only receive the benefit from Momentum (double-tap forward) and Sidestep (double-tap sideways) once every 6 seconds.
    • Both male and female characters will now display the correct animation when using the Search ability while in combat.
    • Added a 6 second internal cooldown to the double-tap backwards evasion buff.
    • The double-tap backwards evasion buff now increases evade chance by 25% (instead of 50% like before).
    • When pets turn 'green' because the owner is not on the observers client, they will still be able to be damaged by enemies.
    • Combos with special targeting (that have bigger range than normal, or can hit people behind you) will now hit targets in the extended range even when there are no targets in your normal weapon cone.
    • Some hand/shield clipping issues in defensive stance and active blocking have been fixed.
    • Fixed an issuse that caused aborted multihit attacks to not show (clientside only) the cooldown of the combo, if the combo would not have hit anything.
    • Moving due to following another player will now cancel any spells you're casting.
    • Pets have gotten a soft distance cap based on the distance between the owner and the target. When the distance of 40+ meters is passed, the pets will start considering turning back.
    • Pets will no longer try to attack dead targets.
    • Pets are no longer affected by shields.
    • When others hit your pet with spells or physical hits, the combat messages should go to their correct channels.
    • Offhand weapons will now deal their correct damage type when they proc.
    • Fixed melee pets so they can attack destructibles. Fixed spellcasting pets so they will do spell damage (DPS hit) on destructibles.
    • Enemies that die during a multihit attack will now immediately cancel their own attacks/combos.
    • If a character hides when someone charges towards him/her, the charge attack will not deal damage.
    • Pressing block to abort a double-tap dodge will also abort the buff you get from it.
    • All Rogues now have a new Quick Dismount gained via the Basic Riding book that can be used while moving. The cooldown has been reduced to 45 seconds on this ability.
    • All other classes now have access to Quick Dismount via the Basic Riding book. This ability has a 5 minute cooldown, and can only be used while stationary.
    • The animation length of all basic Bow attacks has been reduced to a flat 1.5 second duration (was previously 1.5/2.0/2.5 depending on direction) for both Male and Female characters.
    • The animation length of all basic Crossbow attacks has been reduced to a flat 1.8 second duration (was previously 2.0/2.5/3.0 depending on direction) for both Male and Female characters.
    • Fixed an issue that occasionally got you stuck in the charge pose when charging a target from minimum range.
    • The timing of special effects (like knockbacks) on multihit combo attacks has been fixed.
    • Column spells (like Lance of Mitra) now work again.
    • Players no longer move at normal speeds when using frenzy/defensive states while crouching.
    • Feared animation should now play correctly when you are feared.
    • Knockbacks have received a power boost vs. light, medium, heavy, plate armor for level 70-80 armor. All knockback abilities will be improved by this. Examples of abilities being improved : Snapkick will work on cloth and light armor. Volley Backwards will work on medium armor. Clobber III will work on heavy armor. Clobber IV will work on plate armor. (Unless the target has a knockback resist buff running)
    • Several issues with hate modifying abilities have been fixed. This will affect some of the raid encounters.
    • Hits of a combo sequence that missed the target will now reduce the damage of the combo. The penalty for whiffing without a target on a combo will be -5% first miss, -15% second miss (cumulative 20% total damage penalty), and third miss -25% (cumulative 45% total damage penalty).

    • The way crowd control and immunities work has been changed. All player stuns, fears, roots, snares, and charms will now break if the victim's health is reduced by a certain percentage (depending on the effect type).
    • Immunity buffs will now, in general, last a bit less time, since they are applied at the start of the crowd control, and not at the end.
    • It is no longer possible to apply a new crowd control debuff of the same type before the previous one runs out and immunity has been applied.

      List of Crowd Control abilities that have been changed:

      • Death's Gaze
      • Curse of the Lotus
      • From the Darkness

      • Stunning Punch
      • Clobber
      • No Escape

      Bear Shaman:
      • Ursine Crush
      • Weight of the World
      • Hinder Movement

      • Throat Slash

      Dark Templar:
      • Dark Burden
      • Mind Wrack
      • Mind Shatter
      • Dooming Presence

      • Storm Chains
      • Agonizing Jolts
      • Fiery Torment
      • Hands of the Underworld
      • Possession

      • Shield Bash
      • Stunning Charge

      Herald of Xotli:
      • Word of Command
      • Desecrating Essence
      • Dread Visage

      • Ice Shackle
      • Death's Terror
      • Frost Blast
      • Unholy Hands
      • Freeze
      • Unimaginable Terror

      Priest of Mitra:
      • Eye of Judgement
      • Condemn
      • Avatar of Mitra

      • Mezz Shot
      • Pin Down
      • Incapacitating Stabs
      • Knee-Capping
      • Cripple
      • Immolation
      • Cripple Enemies

      Tempest of Set:
      • Cobra Stare
      • Grounding Charge
      • Quicksand
      • Staggering Voice
      • Puppets of Set

      List of Crowd Control-breakers changed to accomodate this:

      • Escape Artist
      • Agile Mind
      • Avatar of Death

      • Escape Artist
      • Agile Mind
      • Unstable Mind

      Bear Shaman:
      • Grace of Nature

      • Purge

      Herald of Xotli:
      • Purge

      • Purge

      Priest of Mitra:
      • Exorcism

      • Escape Artist
      • Agile Mind

      Tempest of Set:
      • Rousing Shock
      • Brain Spasms
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    • Some feats which modify combos have been rebalanced. Feats affected are:
      • Guardian - Savage Counterstrike, Power Sweeps, Master Pikeman, Revenge, Crippling Thrusts.
      • Conqueror - Rend and Tear, Improved Bloody Hack, Crippling Bloody Hack, Power Counterstrike, Devastate, Power Feint, Improved Shield of Retribution, Improved Dancing Steel.
      • Dark Templar - Devourer's Might, Hexer's Might, Unholy Strength.
      • Barbarian - Atrocity, Grisly Wounds, Smash 'n Crush, Brutal Cyclone, Cyclone of Razors, Jagged Weapons.
      • Ranger - Barbed Arrows, Heavy Bolts, Knee-Capping.
      • Assassin - Vile Poisons, Vile Corruption.
    • Many feats of all the classes have been renamed to better reflect the bonus (ability, spell or combo) they grant.

    Rogue (General)
    • Fixed the cooldown of Cheat the Reaper. It will no longer refresh itself if the character dies repeatedly during the cooldown.
    • Wiles will now give a proper clickable again.
    • Brutality will now give a proper clickable again.
    • Escape Artist will now give a proper clickable again.
    • Cheat the Reaper will now wait until you are fully dead before trying to resurrect you.

    Soldier (General)
    • Soldiers can no longer change their stance while stunned.
    • Soldiers can no longer change their stance while feared.
    • You can now toggle off Frenzy and Defensive stance while standing with your weapons sheathed.
    • Fixed an issue with the Soldier Charge missing more than it should.

    • Death's Gaze will now always fear the target.
    • Death's Gaze fear effect will now snare the target by 50% for the duration of the fear. This snare effect does not apply snare immunity and is not restricted by it.
    • Unholy and Poison Stance will no longer be removed upon death.
    • Clarified the tooltip and combat log for the Blindside ability to show that the target is the one losing the stamina specified.
    • Grim Corruption's debuff effect now also applies a 10% snare. This snare bypasses immunities and does not apply them upon expiring.
    • Grim Corruption will now also apply an additional 40% snare. This additional snare lasts 12 seconds and is affected by immunities.
    • Assassins will now be able to change stances while hidden.
    • Reduced the cooldown of Swift Strikes combo to 4 seconds. (down from 10)
    • Reduced the stamina cost of Swift Strikes combo.

    • Back in the Fray will no longer go on cooldown when it fails to activate.
    • Finishing Blow's minimum range to execute has been reduced from 8 meters to 0.5 meters.
    • Finishing Blow's maximum range to execute has been changed to 20 meters.
    • Increased duration of Paralysis root from 6 seconds to 9 seconds.
    • No Escape ability will now work a bit better.
    • Paralysis feat will now have a link showing its effect in the tool tip.
    • All ranks of the snare gained by the feat Staggering Punch last the same amount of time.
    • Investing points into Staggering Punch now increases the snare effect. The effect is now 20/40/60%.
    • Dying after Unstoppable procs will no longer prevent it from activating again.
    • Corrected an issue where a player might find himself unable to hide when the ability was available.
    • Savage Rage I and III have new icons.
    • No escape will do its damage component even if the target has stun immunity running.
    • Reduced the cooldown of Cyclone of Steel combo and Butcher combo to 4 seconds. (down from 10)
    • Reduced the stamina cost of Cyclone of Steel combo and Butcher combo.

    Bear Shaman
    • Crush Armor combos should now display the spinning, exploding shield visual effect again.
    • Censuring Strike combo will now include left attacks.
    • Crush Armor I, Shrewd Blow I, and Internal Bleed I have new icons.
    • You can now replace any kind of "Claw" buff with any other type of "Claw" without having to cancel the current one you have running.
    • Bewilder, Bloodthirst, and Ether Theft have had their combo steps reduced. The damage of these combos have been adjusted because of this.
    • Reduced the cooldown of Shrewd Blow combo to 4 seconds. (down from 10)
    • Reduced the stamina cost of Shrewd Blow combo.

    • The Annihilate ability will now apply correctly to the combo Batter Aside IV, and to the combo Throat Slash using a two-handed weapon.
    • Remorseless Aggression will now properly affect the cooldown of Improved Feint Attack III.
    • Reduced the cooldown of Bloody Hack combo and Hail of Furious Strikes to 4 seconds. (down from 10)
    • Reduced the stamina cost of Bloody Hack combo and Hail of Furious Strikes.

    Dark Templar
    • Dark Burden will no longer remain in your spell book after untraining feats.
    • Consuming Bulwark will now have a chance to proc off all physical attacks.
    • Rite of Blood will no longer partially activate and go on cooldown.
    • Mind Wrack will no longer give NPCs stun immunity.
    • If you parry, evade, block, or your attacker misses, it will no longer affect your absorb shield.
    • Dark Burden's range has been increased from 8 meters to 15 meters.
    • Investing a second feat point into Dark Burden now increases the snare value to 60%.
    • You should now notice a few more fatalities happening when using a 1H Blunt weapon.
    • Dread Shadow will no longer stop attacking when affected with Sadism.
    • Dread Shadow no longer have collision.
    • Dread Shadow has received a two handed edge weapon.
    • Reduced the cooldown of Blood for Aid combo to 4 seconds. (down from 10)
    • Reduced the stamina cost of Blood for Aid combo.

    • Storm Chains casting time has been reduced from 2 seconds to instant.
    • Thunderclap should now always tick 5 times.
    • Blessing of Amher will now properly increase the damage of Inferno of Amher at all ranks.
    • Shrink is now a permanent buff on the caster. This effect on the pet effect will not be able to be removed, but will be fixed in an upcoming update. With pets now zoning with you, we feel it is better to get Shrink persistent for those who choose to use it.
    • Forced Summoning is now a permanent buff on the caster. This effect can be toggled by canceling the buff in the GUI.
    • Demonologists now have a spellweaving of their own.
    • Inferno of Amher's minimum damage has been increased. The max damage has been slightly lowered.
    • Shockblast (Rank 3) splash damage has been lowered slightly.
    • Living Firestorm's nuke has been renamed to Firestorm.
    • New Feat: Scorch, Improves the lingering Incinerate effect, allowing it to apply Blistering Wounds. Blistering Wounds reduces the amount of healing received by the target. This can be applied up to 5 times.
    • Blazing Fire now additionally has a 33/66/100% chance to apply a lingering Incinerate effect to the target.
    • The base casting time of Planar Shift has been reduced to 0.5 seconds from 1 second.
    • Charged Storm Chains now additionally applies a 30% snare to enemies in the vicinity of the primary target.
    • Black Ashes now additionally has a 50/100% chance to apply a lingering Incinerate effect to the target.
    • Improved Waves of Flame now additionally has a 10/20/30/40/50% chance per tick to apply a lingering Incinerate effect to the target.
    • Blessing of Amher now additionally decreases the cooldown of Inferno of Amher by .25 seconds per feat point invested.
    • Greater Flames now additionally applies the lingering Incinerate effect twice on the affected Fires of Gehenna spell.
    • The damage multiplier granted by Greater Flames has been slightly reduced, however the affected cast will have increased scaling from bonus magical damage.
    • Detonation has had its casting time removed, allowing it to be cast instantly. The damage and scaling of Detonation has been adjusted to compensate for this change.
    • Let Them Burn now ticks every 2 seconds instead of every 3 seconds and additionally applies the lingering Incinerate effect each time it deals damage.
    • Hands of the Underworld may now be cast instantly.
    • Placing additional points in the Flame Body feat will decrease the casting time by .25 seconds per feat point invested.
    • Agonizing Fiery Torment will now additionally decrease the casting time of Fiery Torment by .33/.66/1 second per rank.
    • The Conflagration feat Demonic Frenzy has been renamed to Backdraft and moved from tier 4 to tier 5 in the tree. This feat will now additionally have a 33/66/100% chance to knockback targets damaged by the Detonation spell. This knockback effect will scale in power based on the damage inflicted by Detonation.
    • The casting time of Gate of Hell has been reduced to 1.5 seconds from 2.5 seconds.
    • Gate of Hell now causes an affected Demon to receive no healing while banished.
    • The Set's Chosen feat will now additionally lower the damage inflicted on the Demonologist by Archfiend's Pact.
    • The self-damage component of Archfiend's Pact is now a separate debuff on the player.
    • The self-damage components of Pact with Set, Bloody Pact with Set, and Archfiend's Pact are now based on a percentage of the Demonologist's total health, rather than a flat amount.
    • Break Pact can now additionally break the effect of Archfiend's Pact.
    • Break Pact now costs a percentage of base mana instead of a flat amount of mana.
    • The casting time of Break Pact has been reduced to 0.5 seconds from 2 seconds.
    • Blistering Wounds has a new icon.
    • Flame Body should always have a visual effect when cast.

    • Skewer has a new and more fitting animation.
    • The Impale ability will now trigger the correct cooldown on Charge, Stunning Charge and Impale, and the cooldown will also be lowered by the Momentum feat.
    • Fixed a bug where fear immunity would be put on the player casting Overwhelming Shout.
    • The cost of Guard I has been reduced to 5.7% of your base stamina.
    • Juggernaut feat 'Swift Overreach' now reduces the duration of the debuff applied by the Overreach combo. The reduction is 0.4 seconds and increases by 0.4 seconds per rank up to a 2 second reduction.
    • Juggernaut feat 'Brutal Overreach' has had the critical hit chance reduced.
    • Juggernaut feat 'Brutal Overreach' should now display by how much it increases critical hit chance.
    • Updated description of Swift Overreach to reflect new functionality.
    • Reduced the cooldown of Overreach to 4 seconds. (down from 20)
    • Reduced the stamina cost of Overreach.
    • All ranks of Overreach will now apply a stacking damage debuff. This debuff reduces damage by 5% and stacks up to 5 times.
    • The duration of the Overreach debuff has been reduced to 8 seconds.
    • Reduced the cooldown of Flashing Arc combo to 4 seconds. (down from 10)
    • Reduced the stamina cost of Flashing Arc combo.
    • Overreach should now only apply one debuff on the Guardian per use of the combo regardless of the number of targets hit.

    Herald of Xotli
    • Combos Fire Lance and Flame Lash should now produce fatality animations.
    • The size of the blood pits spawned by the Blood Pit feat has been increased.
    • Roots of Hell now increases the Herald's weight while polymorphed to Light/Medium/Heavy armor equivalents.
    • Fixed a naming error with Molten Slash I.
    • Contract of Protection (Rank 3) will no longer show erroneous information in the tool tip text.
    • Damage over time from Burn to Death has been increased significantly.
    • Damage over time from Spreading Flames has also been increased.
    • Pillar of Infernal Flames III finisher animation has been reduced in length. The finisher damage has been adjusted because of this.
    • Burn to Death V finisher animation has been reduced in length. The damage over time has been adjusted because of this.
    • Reduced the cost of Body and Spirit Wrack II from 16.2% to 15.8% of your base stamina.
    • Reduced the cost of Burn to Death from 10.8% to 10.4%.
    • The cost of Hell Strikes I have been lowered to 8.3% from 8.8% of your base stamina.
    • Dread Visage will now slow affected targets by 50% in addition to the fear effect.
    • Hellfire now reduces the casting time of Hellfire Breath by .5 seconds per rank, resulting in Hellfire Breath being instant cast with 5 points invested.
    • Demon Maw's casting time has been reduced to 1 second from 3 seconds.
    • The duration of the temporary effect granted from casting Hellfire Breath with Demon Maw active has been increased to 10 seconds.
    • The casting time of Dread Visage has been reduced to 0.5 seconds. The cooldown has been increased to 60 seconds.
    • Added a 5/10/15/20/25% healing debuff to Herald of Xotli's Spitfire. The amount debuffed is based on the number of feat points invested in this feat.
    • Spitfire is now a spell instead of a clickable. The spell has a 7 meter range.
    • Spitfire now has a 45 second reuse time.
    • Spitfire now lasts 15 seconds on the target.
    • Spitfire's damage has been readjusted due to the above changes.
    • Flame Lash damage has been increased significantly and the damage now scales better with more Flame Lash stacks.
    • Avatar feat 'Butcher' now provides a 4% increase per rank to the Herald's DPS based on the DPS of the wielded weapon. For example a 100 DPS weapon will give you a bonus of 20 DPS with this feat fully trained.
    • Reduced cooldown of Hell Strikes combo to 4 seconds. (down from 10)
    • Reduced the stamina cost of Hell Strikes combo.
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    • Your pets will no longer automatically defend themselves (but they will still defend you if you are attacked).
    • Added an initial tick to Mark of the Devourer.
    • The tooltip for Malefic Chant feat now shows up as intended.
    • Ritual of the Lich should now have a (short) animation on execution.
    • Ice shackle has a new icon.
    • Freeze is now a full stun instead of a mez. Duration is down to 5.5s, range is 25 meters.
    • Reduced the critical hit chance and critical hit bonus damage of Grip of Death to be more in line with other spells.

    Priest of Mitra
    • When casting Manifestation of Mitra, you should actually see Mitra manifesting.

    • Pitch Pot is now working.
    • All ranger traps now have a 45s cooldown.
    • Global trap cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.
    • All trap effects should affect up to two targets.
    • AoE range for all trap effect is 5 meters for any rank. Spending more feat points in trap feats will increase the trap size like before.
    • Fire trap damage increased.
    • Sulfurous Burst has been changed into a ground target effect. Also, the damage has slightly increased.
    • Tracking window will no longer persist after logging out. You should only have one tracking window at a time.
    • Salvo IV will now properly appear in the Deadeye feat tool tip.
    • Moving will interrupt your attack with a bow.
    • Ranged multihitcombos now fire off all arrows at the correct time.
    • Ranged multihitcombos will now deal all the damage correctly when using Focused Fire.
    • Fire Stance will now also have a chance to apply Blistering Wounds on the target. This effect can stack up to 5 times (5/10/15/20/25%).
    • Pin Down will no longer display extraneous information in the tool tip.
    • Shield Bash damage has been readjusted to the correct levels.
    • Improved Shield Bash will now increase the damage over time component of Shield Bash by 50%.
    • Evasive Action should not go on cooldown when executed during cc effects such as stun, fear etc.
    • Added a 5% healing debuff effect to Ranger's Fire Stance proc. This effect can stack up to 5 times.
    • Flame Barrage will now apply a 25% healing debuff to the target.
    • Flame Barrage and the accompanying damage over time effect have had their damage increased significantly.
    • Slightly increased the damage of Incapacitating Stabs II.
    • Reduced the cooldown of Salvo combo and Piercing Shot combo to 4 seconds. (down from 10)
    • Reduced the stamina cost of Salvo combo and Piercing Shot combo.

    Tempest of Set
    • Blood Mana's cooldown timer has been reformatted visually to display an accurate timer in minutes and seconds.
    • Set's Life Spark will now be removed from your Spellbook after untraining feats.
    • When a player becomes a Puppet, he will follow the same rules as other pets (cannot be attacked by you, your team, or your raid).
    • Mark of Set should now have the Avatar of Set when cast.

    • When others hit your pet with spells or physical hits, the combat messages should go to their correct channels.
    • Added player tooltips. Player tooltips can be displayed via the mouse or in a fixed location. When in a fixed location they can be made floating (and thus movable) by pressing the 'Toggle character tooltip lock' hotkey (Shift-I).
    • Combat log will now reveal if and how a mob has evaded your attack.
    • Shield indication will now appear on targeted players in cases where you are allowed to attack said player.
    • All loot-chests should now open properly when used, and they will no longer appear to be empty.
    • The female eyebrow slider in character creation is once again working properly.
    • Cimmerian women will no longer appear bald when zooming in on their face during character creation.
    • Spell icons on toolbars are now grey if the user does not have enough mana to cast them.
    • The pet gui should no longer disappear when zoning in some areas.
    • Raids : Raid leader can now drag'n'drop raid members between teams using ALT+left mouse drag. Dropping on another member results in a member swap.
    • Dropping on an empty slot (automatically expanded when hovering over another team) results in a member movement.
    • Enable clicking on ground to clear target once again works.
    • Added new graphics for the more detailed versions of the team list.
    • Added new option on Interface/HUD options to set the desired team list type. Options are:
      • Minimal - the short one used so far
      • Normal - bigger HP bars, longer names
      • Detailed - Normal + stamina and mana bars
    • All team list options display all debuffs beside the characters.
    • Pet list window can now be moved by player, and should not overlap the team gui anymore.
    • Information about a player's level is now correctly updated on the friends/guild interface and the group window.
    • Dangling team member indicators are removed from the minimap when the player leaves the team.
    • Changing loot mode for raids now works correctly.
    • "Item Level" will no longer be displayed if there's no item level to show in an item tooltip.
    • You can now assist others even when they selected their target before they came into your view.
    • Added new option in Interface/HUD options to display movable target's target portrait.
    • Fixed an issue causing the mouse input to be blocked for the lower part of the shortcut bar scroll-down button.
    • Clarified the onscreen message received when attempting to use an item which requires a feat you do not have.
    • When locked, shortcutbars can't be moved or reorientated.
    • When hovering, the background which indicates the bar can be moved isn't shown anymore.
    • "Enable Particles" has been renamed to "Enable world particles" in the settings menu.
    • Fixed an issue where a member of your team could sometimes show up on your map without being on your playfield.
    • The duration of a target's buffs should now show as intended.
    • "Interrupted!" will no longer be shown twice in chat when using the rest ability.
    • Fixed 'Remove foliage around character' setting to work properly when disabled.
    • Recipe view and Tradeskill View GUIs will now remember their previous positions.
    • Feat untraining should notify the player if they cannot afford to untrain their feats.
    • Fixed the spell interface so silence and "not enough mana" for the spell will only grey out the spells in the book and shortcutbar.
    • The combo sequence indicator will now highlight your hits in green, and your misses in red.
    • A tutorial will pop whenever your first murder points are accumulated.
    • Shield indication will now appear on targetted players in cases where you are allowed to attack said player.
    • The Field Manual will now contain a brief tutorial on "whiffing", as support for recent combat changes (ie the penalties per miss).

    • When changing government type on a guild, all guild members will be set to the lowest rank except the guild leader. The guild ranks will no longer reset back to their old state when the servers are restarted.
    • The guild message of the day now has a cap of 512 characters in the message. If you entered longer messages previously, the message would reset to a previous version when the servers were restarted.
    • Name change details are now broadcast to all guild members.
    • The Guild Announcement channel should now only be available when the player is in a guild.
    • When a guild leader leaves a guild, a new member is automatically promoted to guild leader.

    • Redfang and Bloodshade have received new visuals.
    • Outflow Tunnels: Drop rates have been adjusted.
    • Only the team/raid members who were actually present for a kill will now get loot rights for dropped items. Additionally, loot owned by raids will no longer eventually be lootable by everyone.
    • You will now only share gold between teammates if you are on the same playfield as the looter.
    • Potions will now say "Potion (Spellcasters Only)" in red if you can't use them and just "Potion" if you can. They should also display their level requirement if set.
    • The buff you get from the potion Fatal Concoction has had its effect reduced to the intended +10% fatality chance, and has also been given an icon.
    • Improved the tooltips on items your character is not high enough level to wear.
    • Items you currently cannot wear because of their item type should now still display their PvP Level requirement.
    • Small Chests will now open visually, and they should also have an updated look.
    • Cool Runnings : The visual part of the effect "Chilled" should now properly time out on the player.
    • Stygian, Aquilonian, and Cimmerian treasure chests should now animate when opened.
    • The supply of Aqua Regia for the Exceptional Alchemist's Cache has dried up a bit, and it will now be rarer.
    • Adjusted abnormally high drop chance on NPC "Mercenary" in Zingaran camps.
    • Lion's Blood is now called Feral Blood, and drops off members of the cat family.
    • Enemy Caster NPC's will now drop "Crude, Minor and Major Alchemist Caches", which contain various alchemical reagents. The quality of the Cache will vary at different mob-levels. In addition, the Casters will also have a chance to drop an "Exceptional Alchemist Cache".
    • Enemy Non-caster NPC's will now drop an "Offal Creel" item, similar to the "Exceptional Alchemist Cache", containing specific types of alchemical reagents.
    • Long Bows and Short Bows have had their graphics switched so Long Bows are actually longer than the Short ones, as one would expect them to be.
    • 'Girdle of the Bloodmoon' adds correct invulnerability values now.
    • The Tier 5, 6, and 7 potions bought from a vendor should now sell in stacks of 1 and not 5.
    • The Winterbrew potion now correctly boosts cold-based spell damage, as opposed to Fire.

    • Mounts should no longer go into a static animation pose when the players riding them execute melee attacks or mount-specific attacks.
    • While doing an 'up' attack on a Rhino you should no longer damage yourself.
    • Rhinos and Mammoths now have larger collision spheres surrounding them.
    • Jumping while on horseback should now work properly again.
    • Fixed out-of-sync issue for female characters riding horses, and made them sit straighter in the saddle.
    • Training in Basic Riding should once again inform you onscreen when successfully completed.
    • Mounted charges now work for rhinos and mammoths.
    • Resting on rhinos, mammoths and horses should now play the actual resting animation.
    • Added support for InstaCast spells while mounted.
    • Falling to one's death while mounted should no longer cause double death penalty.
    • Updated animations on mammoth. The trunk should now be more consistent between different animations.
    • Swift and armored horses will now display the correct level requirement.
    • When you die while riding a mammoth or a rhino the correct animation will now be played.
    • Players are now dismounted when they are knocked out of city buildings. This resolves an issue where a player would stand and run on top of his mount if knocked out of a city building.
    • Mounted characters should no longer stand up on the back of their mount if entering combat-mode while unarmed.
    • Mounted characters should no longer sheathe an invisible weapon if leaving combat-mode while unarmed.
    • Mammoth Charge and Rhino Charge should not go on cooldown when the ability fails.
    • Siege, Melee/Ranged and Magic damage will now be deflected correctly regardless if it comes from spells or melee/ranged
    <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="/images/avatars/funcom/transparent_logo_official_3.png" alt="Funcom" border="0"></a></td><td style="color:#343434"><span style="font-size: 10pt">Oliver 'Tarib' Kunz</span><br><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Senior Community Manager </span><br><br>
    <span style="font-size: 7pt"><a href="">Age of Conan Website</a> | <a href="announcement.php?f=8">Social Guidelines</a> | <a href="">Customer Support</a> | <a href="">Gameplay Overview</a> | <a href="">Age of Conan on Facebook</a>| <a href="">Age of Conan on Twitter</a></span></td></tr></table>

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    • The player city guides will no longer give you the option to teleport to your guild city if you are not in a guild.
    • Commander Ramartazi in Serpent's Head is now tagged as a boss in both quests you meet him.
    • Flashy impact particles will no longer play on Baboons and Swamp Demons whenever they perform an attack animation.
    • Corrected an issue which caused some npcs to not react to players.
    • Asapon will now correctly spawn at all times outside the Atlantean Cave.
    • Solved an issue with some group/mini bosses stacking shields, defensive, and damage buffs too high in some rare situations.
    • There are now Guard NPCs in the NPC villages in the resource and building playfields.
    • Social NPCs should not help fleeing or feared npcs when they do not have line of sight.
    • Solved an issue causing some animals to enter and exit combat repeatedly after returning from combat.
    • General Zarathus will now properly aggro.
    • Damsel in Distress mobs should no longer morph into bald women.
    • Chef Vibius should no longer become permanently immune to spell damage.
    • Conall's Valley: For decency's sake, Old Finn now has pants!
    • Frost Swamp: Arachnid Worker - Reduced the damage and proc rate of his poison proc.
    • Ice Worms spawned by Mithrelle in the Ice Cave should now properly aggro players.
    • Imirian Ravine: Adamus should no longer lose animations or form when low on health or dead.
    • Khemi: Ket Et Anuk is now just like any other normal city NPC.
    • Oasis of Zaara: Chief of the Manhunt Mak'tebe should behave less erratically.
    • Onyx Chambers: Ticket Bosses - Elib the Defiler, Argech the Tempest, Haes the Enflamer, Lagicer the Cold Hearted, Siduvecte the Ravisher, and Maelcortes the Impaler are no longer accessible.
    • Poitain: Diodorus the city guide should now have something to say to non-guilded players.
    • Oasis of Zaara: Robroten now runs at 25% life. It is now also more visible when he casts a heal.
    • Sanctum of the Burning Souls: The Blood Defilers defending the Altars will attack players regardless of their level.
    • Tarantia: The smooth Gigolo has smoother animations.
    • The Maze: The Nemedian Sergeant will always drop green loot.
    • Toirdealbach should now be a more fun and playable encounter.
    • Fixed many text dialog errors in NPCs worldwide.
    • Fixed many instances of ill-fitting clothing and hair issues worldwide.
    • Giant Ice Worms are no longer missing some of their attack animations, and thus should no longer deliver streaks of multiple attacks very rapidly.
    • Sitting NPCs will now always stand up and attack back.
    • Mobs should no longer follow you to your resurrection point and 'remember' hating you after you die.
    • Initiating and ending dialog with an npc rapidly should no longer freeze you in place.
    • Lurking Dark Beasts in Sanctum of the Burning Souls will no longer slide when moving right after spawning.
    • Many NPCs have had their onscreen dialog changed to match their voiceover.
    • Rhinos should now properly display their nameplate and targeting arrow (if enabled).
    • Bat Demons should no longer have a small animation 'hiccup' when idle.
    • Guard Dogs in the Imirian Ravine should now animate properly.
    • Particle effects around Tarisha during the End Battle in Tortage will be properly centered on her.
    • Damage from conquerer-type NPC auras has been vastly decreased. They should also no longer spam aura buffs.
    • Oasis of Zaara: Robroten's heal is now a bit stronger, but no longer instantly cast.
    • The City Stewards that teleport you into the resource and building playfields have been updated so that the player character now faces away from the door he came through.
    • Ghanatan Wardogs no longer drop human heads.
    • Ranger NPC combos should no longer hit friendly targets.
    • Updated the loot for Flesheater.
    • Updated the loot for Man Eating Flower.
    • Updated the loot for Child of Jhebbel Sag.
    • All hostile NPCs who have a profession and don't have any other description will show their profession now. Friendly NPCs will remain showing their professions.
    • Several instances of NPCs sliding when they began moving should be fixed.
    • All guards are patroling now in the Caravanserai.
    • Pyramid of the Ancients: Oracles will no longer despawn permanently if a sneaking player avoids fighting them.


    PvP Notoriety System
    • The Notoriety system will be introduced in update. You can be flagged as a Criminal or Murderer depending on your actions in PvP.
    • Criminals and Murderers can trade with their guild NPCs, and with shady merchants and bankers.
    • Murderer Resurrection Points have been added, and are marked on the minimap. Murderers can only resurrect at these locations. Other players cannot see murderer resurrection points unless they are also murderers.
    • PvP XP is now split between all attacking groups and individuals, based on their relative damage.
    • Outlaw camps have been added in several adventure playfields and hubs, for use by Murderers
    • Outlaw camp vendors sell green and blue potions.
    • A player attacking another, who is of too low level to yield PvP XP to the attacker., will now be flagged as a criminal for a few minutes.
    • The cost for using shady teleporters is relative to the number of murderpoints the player has.
    • When you are in a playfield that is too high level for you, you will receive a debuff called Free Prey. While this debuff is on you, attackers are free to kill you without being penalized with criminal status or murder points.
    • All guards should attack murderers now.
    • Redeemer npcs in the Outlaw camps will give murderers quests which will enable them to reduce their murderpoints.
    • When awarding PvP xp to a group of players, the base XP is now calculated based on the highest level character in the group (similar to how PvE XP is calculated).
    • Guards can now use ranged weapons.
    • It should no longer be possible to engage in pvp on pvp servers inside raid instances.
    • No PvP xp reward will be given if a guard helped you kill someone.
    • The criminal buff will be reset to 5 minutes if you hit your target again while you have the buff.
    • All guards in Conall's Valley, Conarch Village, Old Tarantia, and Khemi will now attack players when appropriate.
    • If you are a Murderer you will have access to a Criminal chat channel.
    • Criminals will never get help from a guard (when attacked by players and NPCs).
    • Innocents will get help from guards when getting attacked (by players and NPCs).

    PvP Minigames
    • Fixed a situation where you sometimes wouldn't get ported out of a minigame after you left the match.
    • Fixed an issue where minigames would end as a result of spawning too many minions before the game began.

    Massive PVP
    • Fixed a hole in floor in the tier 2 tradepost.
    • It's now possible to use the gate lever while mounted.
    • Players can now only control one siege weapon at a time.
    • Fixed the tooltip layout that alerts you to the upgrade timer. Added 'Upgrade available in:' to the timer, to clarify things. Changed timer format so it's not 'jumping' anymore when counting down.
    • You will no longer spend your building materials when building construction fails.
    • The owners of a battlekeep should now learn the resurrection point of their keep after repairing the keep.
    • Non-guilded player's pets will no longer attack their owners in Siege PvP.
    • When a siege battle starts, the defending guild will now properly discover their battlekeep resurrection point.
    • Added the "Local Time" Timer to the window.
    • You can now close the city gates by using the city gate lever again. This allows you to close the gate faster to prevent someone else from entering the city.
    • Attacking siege buildings with melee/ranged or unarmed will show correct damage.
    • Sorting the score window should now sort correctly.
    • Building points gained by mercenaries will be rewarded to the attacking guild as intended.
    • Defending guild mercenaries can no longer gain points by killing attacking players.
    • Siege weapons are now immune to fatalities.
    • All Battle Keeps now have a minimum of 2 siege camps around the outer walls.
    • Trebuchets should now properly display their nameplate and targeting arrow (if enabled).
    • Battlekeeps will no longer have NPC guards.

    • Destiny Quest Mage: Awakening III, A shift in the balance - Murble is now selling Jack of Ale as a non-violent solution.
    • Destiny Quest Soldier: Awakening I, The Plague - Guards should no longer swarm you while talking to Valeria.
    • Destiny Quest Solder: Awakening II, Flight to the Keep - Valeria will no longer fight in the bushes.
    • Destiny Quest Soldier: Awakening II, Flight to the Keep - The guards protecting Quesado will spawn even when you skip all cutscenes.
    • Destiny Quest Level 60: The Mark of Acheron will be properly removed at all times after completing this quest.
    • Eiglophian Mountains has had additional content added.
    • Eiglophian Mountains: The Blood-furred Beast - Increased the radius of the area that triggers the quest, and reduced the area the mammoth roam within it.
    • Eiglophian Mountains: Ante Up - Ice Worms should spawn correctly, and despawn if they're not killed within a few minutes.
    • Eiglophian Mountains: Ante Up - Waypoints have been fixed.
    • Eiglophian Mountains: To Send a Message - The cooldown timer should no longer start unless the boss spawns.
    • Eiglophian Mountains: The Great Ordeal - Waypoints have been fixed.
    • Eiglophian Mountains: Head of a Tormentor and Head of the Gatekeeper will now only drop if you have the appropriate quests.
    • Halls of Eternal Frost: Added a particle glow to the bag of sands quest item.
    • Khemi: The Mastermind - Commander Ramartarsi's respawn timer is set to 3 min. If you don't loot the head, you can kill him again.
    • Khemi: The Raided Tomb - corrected the region in quest editor, so the waymarker is now correct.
    • Kheshatta: The Four Accursed Keys - Added a pick-up animation when picking up the key in the Scorpion cave.
    • Kheshatta: Ibis, Master of Hidden Secrets - Quest is no longer shareable.
    • Khopshef Province: The Troubles of Thutmekri - Players should no longer have any problems with not being able to interact with friendly NPCs after killing quest targets.
    • Oasis of Zaara: Opening the cage for the quest "Unjust Deserts" will now remove the Key from the Quest inventory.
    • Onyx Chambers: Mushrooms now highlight properly. If you have the quest "Mushroom Harvest" from before the patch, please delete the quest and return to Nephturi and pick it up again.
    • Onyx Chambers: Paid in Massacre - Quest now displays proper quest coordinates.
    • Thunder River: Absolute War - Quest goal now tells the player to talk to Pavo. And the waypoint is correct.
    • Tortage City: NPC Idogbe will no longer give out the quest "The Worshippers Demise" when the player is above the appropriate level.
    • Tortage City: Valerius will now leave the Preparation Chamber after witnessing "Tarisha's Sacrifice".
    • Tortage City: The legendary Turach - Turach now gives the player a reward consistent with what he tells the player he will give for completing the task.
    • Tortage End Battle: Tarisha will no longer be laying on the ground passively when attacked by higher level characters.
    • Wild Lands: Curse of Flies will now properly be removed when dying and will function properly if the player fails to complete the task.
    • Wild Lands: Curse of Flies will now properly fail if the player dies doing it. If the quest is failed, it will no longer be deleted from the quest journal. A new goal will be revealed instead.
    • Wild Lands: The Darkest Nightmare - The final goal will now update when the player kills Tyranus, not when examining his grave.
    • Destiny Soldier: Tina should now be happily lying on her bed under all circumstances when a soldier comes to visit her in her room!
    • Khopshef Province: The Roots of the Earth - Quest goal has been updated with correct name.
    • Destiny Quest Soldier: Valeria will no longer leave dialog early to fight or charge blindly into battle at the Lighthouse.
    • Destiny Quest: The Grim Grey God: Wave 3 and 5 should now patrol as intended.
    • Tarantia Noble District: The Chef - Fixed requirements so you should no longer receive incorrect dialog options from Juan, and so the quests should work as intended.
    • Field of the Dead: The Poisoned Cup - Barrels are once again interactable.
    <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="/images/avatars/funcom/transparent_logo_official_3.png" alt="Funcom" border="0"></a></td><td style="color:#343434"><span style="font-size: 10pt">Oliver 'Tarib' Kunz</span><br><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Senior Community Manager </span><br><br>
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    • Kyllikki: Champion should now properly remove the Sadism effect upon reset. The Sadism buff should have better visuals.
    • Kyllikki: White hand Spellguards should properly reset when they have no hated target.
    • Kyllikki: White hand Priests should properly reset when they have no hated target.
    • Vistrix: Vistrix should act a bit more consistently when his attacker with the most aggro dies.
    • Yakhmar should no longer try to attack dead targets.
    • Yakhmar should now aggro when players try to walk past him.
    • Changed the spawn rate of Kyllikki's adds
    • Yakhmar now has a new ability
    • Yakhmar's adds now properly choose a random initial target. Their melee attack range is also reduced.
    • Yaremka should now properly display his nameplate and targeting arrow (if enabled).
    • Kyllikki should now properly remove all HOTs upon reset. She will also summon adds with the proper delay.
    • Kyllikki: The mobs before Honorguard will no longer respawn after he has been killed.
    • Killing Kyllikki now stops the trash earlier in the dungeon from respawning.
    • Yakhmar, Vistrix, Kyllikki and the Champion of the honorguard now ignore the Necromancer "Frenzy" ability.

    • Social armor should appear in a tradepost search.
    • Changed the sale fee for stacked items to a more appropriate fee.
    • When receiving mail on the tradepost about having sold an item, the first value in the mail will be the full price of the item.
    • Seller columns on the tradepost are now resizable.
    • Players will no longer receive two separate error messages when a request to sell an item at the tradepost is denied.
    • Resolve an issue with in-game mails in the bank/postal service interface that weren't deleted after the indicated timer had run out. These messages will now be deleted correctly according to the countdown timer. So please make sure you pick up all pending in-game messages on time.

    • Chopping wood with male characters will now play the correct sound effects.
    • Certain resource nodes now yield additional resources.
    • Armorsmith : Crafting Moonsteel Claymore and Moonsteel Cutlass should now award credit for the proper items.
    • Conall's Valley now has resource nodes.
    • The item Alchemist's Cache can no longer be traded. This does not affect the items inside it.
    • Gems can now be sold to vendors.
    • Tradeskill items sold by vendor appear gray now.
    • Recipes should no longer show as duplicates.
    • Lacheish Plains, Poitain, and Purple Lotus Swamp have some new NPCs that allow you to unlearn tradeskills. These NPCs can be found near the resurrection points in the NPC villages.
    • Gems can no longer be added to items from bank or guild bank - only from the backpack and tradeskill inventories.
    • Architect: Removed duplicate response option that could give the third Progression before the player reached level 75.
    • Alchemy crafting now has distinct potions that stack up to 100, and are slightly better than the regular vendor bought and dropped potions. This difference has been taken from the regular potions, and as a result these have been lowered in effect by 10%.
    • Weaponsmith: Recipes and resources for City Weapons, Base Weapons and Culture Weapons are now available
    • Armorsmith: Recipes and resources for City Armors, Base Armors and Culture Armors are now available
    • Alchemy: The number of alchemy resources has been reduced by about two thirds and existing recipes have been changed where needed
    • Alchemy: Metallurgy recipes for alloys now drop off specific dungeon bosses. Alloys are needed by smiths for culture armors and weapons.
    • Skinning: 6 new recipes for skinners have been added to the game. These treated skins are needed for the new culture armors.
    • Weaving: 6 new recipes for weavers have been added to the game. The cloth yielded by these recipes are needed for the new culture armors.
    • Wood Cutting: New recipes for wood-cutters have been added to the game. The recipes drop off specific solo bosses in adventure zones. They yield equipable green staffs that weaponsmiths may upgrade into blue staffs. The upgraded staves use normal feat progression, but do not require city buildings to make.
    • Resources: All tradeskill resources have had their valid drop level range widened and should provide players with a greatly increased opportunity to gather the resources needed for recipes.
    • Lacheish Plains, Poitain and Purple Lotus Swamp have new NPC camps. The resources needed for the new tradeskill recipes can be found in these camps.
    • The result items of tradeskill recipes now display a stack size if they produce more than one item.

    • The new dropped recipes will not show any tooltip when hovering the mouse over them. This issue will be corrected with one of the next updates.
    • New recipes that can craft multiple items will be listed in the Tradeskill book under the first item the recipe can make. This issue will be corrected with one of the next updates.
    • The crafted alchemist potions are now different than the same-tier vendor-bought versions. This was in order to make crafted potions better than what's elsewhere available in the world. For the alchemist progression quests that involves making potions and turning them in, players on unfinished quests may have to delete the quest and re-aquire it. This does not effect quests that have already been completed.

    • Fixed several world design locations where a player could get stuck. Many collision fixes have also been included.
    • Field of the Dead: Coffin in Toirdealbachs tomb now has fully working collision.
    • Imirian Ravine: Ladder to Poitain doesn't ask players if they want to use it anymore.
    • Tortage: Tortage Keep has been graphically optimized for better performance.
    • Tortage: Texture collision issue with the pillar base & stair meshes in Tortage Keep Dungeons fixed.
    • Flickering issues in Tortage Keep have been resolved.
    • Pyramid of Atum-Keket: Water has a new color and looks more like poolwater.
    • White Sands: The climbing vines are now functional.
    • Volcano: The new climbing areas are working.
    • Tarantia Noble District: Placed a secret passage to allow travel for murderers to get to the Outlaw Camp and past the guards.
    • The Cistern: Major changes have been made to this dungeon. This instance has become a group dungeon instead of a social dungeon. The gameplay, including all AI, loot and interactive environments have been imporved and there are also new alchemy reciptes to be found now.
    <table><tr><td><a href=""><img src="/images/avatars/funcom/transparent_logo_official_3.png" alt="Funcom" border="0"></a></td><td style="color:#343434"><span style="font-size: 10pt">Oliver 'Tarib' Kunz</span><br><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Senior Community Manager </span><br><br>
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