• We're now done with the majority of the process to completely equalize Male and Female damage. We've balanced the animation-lengths for all "white damage" attacks as well as all "combo finishers", and furthermore we've matched the animation length of "moving attacks" to the lengths of "stationary attacks". As a result players should now experience no difference in damage dealt or time needed to execute an attack based on what gender their character is.
  • Aborting multihit combos before they're finished won't activate their full effects anymore.
  • Pet commands should now be more responsive.
  • When aborting a multihit combo finisher, you now get a percentage of the full cooldown depending on how many hits you got in before the abort happened. (It's really in this time!)

  • All Assassin, Barbarian, Bear Shaman, Conqueror, Dark Templar, Guardian, Herald of Xotli, and Ranger combo damage and stamina costs have been rebalanced to match the newly adjusted animations.

Priest Archetype
  • Spirit Aegis will now give 0.5% invulnerability to Holy and Fire instead of 1% Fire with the first rank trained.

  • Combos granted by feats should now deal significantly more damage than before.

Dark Templar
  • The Talisman Mastery buff will no longer be removed upon death if the proper feat is trained.

  • Shield Sweep combo will now scale more consistently across the first three ranks.

Herald of Xotli
  • Pillar of Internal Flame Rank II is now a three-step combo (including combo starter) instead of an instant cast.

  • Bone Horde debuff now uses the proper icon in the debuff GUI.

  • Resolved an issue that caused item bonuses to not scale correctly.
  • Many items are now 'bind on equip' meaning that once equipped the item can no longer be traded.
  • Resolved the issue with raid gear that had lost it's bonuses in a previous update.
  • The bonuses awarded by gems have been rebalanced. Unfortunately some of the gem bonuses were originally applied incorrectly leading to situations where too much bonus was given, mainly for invulnerability rating. These gems have now been modified. The benefit of the different level gems has been also been amended though, meaning that higher level gems should now be better than the lower level versions.
  • All items Green+ are now Bind on Equip (BoE) or Bind on Pickup (BoP).
  • Items which are BoE/BoP should now state this fact below their item name in the mouseover tooltip. When these items are equipped and bound to the character, the text below the item name will change to reflect this. A message will now ask if you are sure when attempting to roll "need" on a Bind on Pickup item.

  • Players will now always see Massive PvP results, and the time left in a battle during battles. This information is displayed in the right top corner, below the minimap.

  • Field of the Dead: Changed the level on the quest Entourage from 52 to 47.
  • Field of the Dead: Changed the level on the quest Cleansing the Tomb from 53 to 48.
  • Khopshef Province: Forbidden Knowledge - The Crumbling Codex will now despawn after it is picked up.
  • Khopshef Province: Slave Cages will now show a visual effect when player is on the correct quest to interact with them.
  • Pyramid of the Ancients: New Quests have been added to enhance your questing experience. Bosses have been upgraded to present a challenge to solo (or small groups) of players. Pay careful attention to the items they drop - they could be the key to defeating more challenging enemies.
  • Pyramid of the Ancients: All quests should now be working.
  • Tarantia Sewers: Orphans in the Hovel - Galeria should now talk to you after you kill her captor.
  • Defeating Lord Atum-Keket in the Pyramid of the Ancients will now reopen the door to the Lord chamber.
  • The teleport altar behind Lord Atum-Keket will now be visible at all times.
  • The Master Torturer in Pyramid of the Ancients will no longer spawn multiple times in a row.

  • Toirdealbach's Tomb has had its level range adjusted from 50-53 to 46-48. Loot in Toirdealbach's Tomb has been adjusted to fit the new level range of mobs.
  • Pyramid of the Ancients: The Harem Girls have been dressed up properly, and sexily!
  • Many of the spells used by raid bosses will now ignore line of sight-checks, thus making it impossible to avoid them by hiding behind pillars and such.
  • Many of the spells used by raid bosses will now be impossible to fully resist.
  • The Dark Flames breath attack used by Vistrix will now use normal line of sight checks.
  • The knockback strength on Kyllikki's Blizzard has been reduced.
    Yakhmars adds have been modified, they will no longer stun players as they did.

  • Cloth Resource droprate in the world has increased somewhat.
  • The Resource and Building playfields (Lacheish Plains, Purple Lotus Swamp, Poitain) have new NPC camps that will drop tradeskill items previously only available through the Alchemist's Cache. Some of these encampments will aggro, some will not. This makes these zones more dangerous, but allows lower level players a chance to get the tier 1-3 resources they need.

  • Checkerboard textures should no longer appear on the ground throughout the world.

  • The horse ability Hind Leg Kick will now have a 12 second reuse timer, like the other horse abilities.
  • The Skewbald Pinto Horse has had its stats adjusted to horses of the same tier and price.

  • The "Quests" tab in the quest journal should now indicate the current number of accepted quests and the total number of allowed quests.
  • An option to add a player to your ignore list was added to the "Add by name" dialog.
  • If your trade is rejected, you will receive an onscreen message.
  • Tooltips for NPCs on the map should now show up in the localized version of their names, instead of their default English names.
  • You can no longer trade while in combat mode.
  • You will see an onscreen message stating that a team member has joined your team.
  • Onscreen feedback for a failed attempt at a trade due to a full inventory has been tweaked.
  • Added a new option that allows the player to make his cloak invisible.
  • Strange or seemingly out of place text in the UI should be removed

  • Several causes of crashes and assert failures have been addressed and fixed.
  • Important notification sounds now won't be interrupted by other sounds.
  • A fix was implemented for item descriptions when switching between languages on the client.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some playfields to be empty after logging out for some time, and then back in.
  • You can no longer send unlimited mail through the tradepost. If you send several mails and are informed via system message you cannot send any more, you will need for in-game time to pass before being able to send more mail.
  • Ignored users will no longer be able to send you mail.
  • Raid playfields will now kick players who are not in the raid.
  • Fixed some animations that weren't blending properly
  • The number of needed 'Fresh Kills' has been increased to 20.