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Thread: Update Notes - 10th of July

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    Default Update Notes - 10th of July


    Mage (General)
    • Dark Meditation is now a self-only channeled spell and will no longer stun the user.
    • Dark Meditation now has new effects associated with it.

    Rogue (General)
    • Mountaineer will now reduce duration of the effects of Bruised Body by 50%/100% and Broken Bones by 25%/50% per respective rank.

    Soldiers (General)
    • Surging Health will now increase in power with more feat points invested.

    • Golden Lotus Extract now has a new particle effect.

    • Clickable abilities - Unstable Mind, Reaver Stance, Blood Rage Stance, Haste, Dance of Death, Armageddon Falls, Impale, and Adrenaline Rush now have spell effects.
    • Fearsome Agility will now proc more consistently at all ranks, rather than reducing in rate for rank 4.
    • Fearsome Agility will now trigger off any melee hits, not just hits that land
    • The bonus granted by Fearsome Agility has been increased from 5% to 10% evade chance at max rank, and stack.

    Dark Templar
    • The variance on damage dealt by unholy-based Soul Covenants has been reduced to make the damage more consistent. Average damage was not modified by this change.
    • Covenant of Arms should now have the correct base damage across all levels
    • Covenant of Arms should no longer disappear from the player's spell book or fail to appear after training multiple ranks
    • Covenant of Putrescence should now have the correct base damage across all levels
    • Covenant of Putrescence now deals unholy damage instead of poison damage Unholy-based
    • Soul Covenants now gain a significant percentage of the Dark Templar's unholy or magical damage.
    • Malacodor's Blight, Sadistic Soul, Blighted Touch, Blighted Soul, Touch of Death, and Curse of Gwahlur now gain a minor amount of the Dark Templar's unholy or magical damage
    • Talisman Mastery has been modified to be a percentage increase of the modified damage of a Soul Covenant instead of the base damage
    • Pact of Malacodor will now cost 1% of health every 2 seconds over the duration of the effect. This reduces the health cost to 15% over 30 seconds instead of 25%.
    • Reaper of Malacodor will now cost 2% of health every 2 seconds over the duration of the effect. This reduces the health cost to 30% over 30 seconds instead of 50%.
    • Fixed an issue which caused Reaper of Malacodor to not always proc on secondary targets.

    Herald of Xotli
    • Desecrating Essence should now scale more consistently across all levels. Additionally, the variance between minimum and maximum damage has been decreased to be more consistent.
    • Burn to Death now receives a substantial portion of the Herald's bonus magical damage on its damage over time effect.
    • Burn to Death now applies a separate debuff for all Herald of Xotli players.
    • Spreading Flames will now always tick 5 times, instead of occasionally only ticking 4 times.
    • Inferno, Tongue of Xotli, and Phoenix Cloak's gain from bonus magical damage has been increased.
    • The area of effect damage from Inferno has been renamed to Inferno instead of Lash Field.
    • Phoenix Cloak and Burning Skull have had their base damage slightly increased.
    • The following abilities now properly scale with the Herald's bonus magical damage: -Avatar of Xotli -Bonds of Anguish -Burning Hex -Burning Skull -Burning Words (Word of Command) -Chains of Anguish -Desecrating Essence -Fiery Weapons -Flame Cleave -Hatred of the Living -Hellstep -Improved Burning Skull -Knowledge of the Underworld -Searing Curse -Searing Hatred -Spitfire

    • Frozen Hatred pulsing AoE is now an AoE proc with a 100% chance instead of a passive effect.
    • Frozen Hatred pets will now benefit from the Unholy Power feat.
    • Parasitic Souls will now benefit from the Unholy Power feat.
    • Flesh of the Wight now has an animation associated with it.
    • Void now has a persistent effect on the pet while the buff is running.
    • Melee pets will now do splashdamage.
    • Scythe Shield now lasts 1 hour instead of 30 minutes
    • Scythe Shield's casting time has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds
    • Quell the Ether's casting time has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds
    • One with Death now lasts 1 hour instead of 15 minutes
    • One with Death has been changed to debuff invulnerability ratings by 50% per stack instead of health
    • The Unholy Power feat will now increase the magical damage dealt by the Undead Minion: Corruptor and Undead Minion: Necrotic Bomb
    • Siphon Unlife's damage component should now scale better relative to the heath of undead minions across all levels. This solves some issues with Siphon Unlife dealing inconsistent damage to the minion in some level ranges.
    • Siphon Unlife and Frenzy will now avoid selecting undead minions which have been recently affected by Siphon Unlife or Frenzy. This should solve issues with the same pet being targeted shortly after Siphon Unlife or Frenzy expiring, instead of targeting pets with higher health.
    • The core buffs placed on all Necromancer pets are now visible in the pet's buff GUI. This should allow Necromancers to better see the impact of their pet-oriented feats, as they are not displayed on the player.
    • Deathless Acolyte: Arcanist will now gain the correct bonus from Unnatural Dexterity ranks 2 and 3

    Priest of Mitra
    • Blessing of Mitra now has an effect and animation.

    • Using your bow/crossbow while not in combat mode will not block you from moving for the length of that animation anymore. Instead, your attack will now be aborted.
    • Linebreaker should now have a knockback effect.
    • Piercing Shot combo line should scale properly
    • Shield Bash now has an animation.
    • Epic armor is now available with a new look for each tier.

    • Female characters should now properly display dodge, parry and block animations again.
    • Female characters using a weapon-combination consisting of either a One-Handed Blunt weapon or a One-Handed Edged weapon in their right hand, and a Dagger in their left hand, should no longer swing the Dagger as if it was a One-Handed Edged weapon.
    • Neither Male nor Female characters should have animation issues causing their legs to slide around without animation when fighting with a weapon combination consisting of a One-Handed Blunt weapon equipped in their right hand and a Dagger equipped in their left hand or no weapon in their right hand and a Dagger in their left hand.
    • Thrown weapons have had their range increased: Light throwing weapons now have a range of 15 meters, up from 12. Heavy throwing weapons now have a range of 18 meters, up from 16.

    Massive PVP
    • Border Kingdoms - Several World Design and collision tweaks here.
    • Thieves' Guild building now has an icon.
    • Siege weapons should now work properly, and will display a message if your target is out of range.
    • You should now learn the proper resurrection points in massive siege battlefields.
    • You will receive notification when you are about to be teleported out of a siege battle zone during a battle you are not involved in.
    • Players should no longer be teleported out of a Massive PvP battle if they log back in directly after they lost connection.

    • If your pet does the most damage to a target for a minigame, you will now get credited for the kill instead of the pet.

    • Fixed some collision issues in Kyilliki's Crypt.
    • Many collision fixes in Oasis of Zaara.

    • Raid bosses and Group bosses will now die in a dignified way, and refuse to be fatalitied anymore.
    • NPC combo "Rupture" is now named "Breach" and will now use the appropriate icon.
    • Tiggle Knucklebone has been removed from Lacheish Plains.
    • Yakhmar will now spawn minions at a correct interval. These minions are also weaker than before.
    • The Half Giant in Conall's Valley will no longer slide around.
    • It is now possible to spawn the Dark Beast boss in Sanctum of the Burning Souls just by interacting with the Sacrificial Altar while holding a Ritual Chalice. The specific quest requirement has been removed.
    • The camera movement has been toned down when moving around on a War Mammoth at walk-speed.

    • Larozzo should now show that he has a tradeskill quest for players.
    • The correct message should now be displayed when mining Aurichalcum.
    • Stonecutter: Players should be able to hand in Basalt and Adamant again.
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    • Walkthrough tips for the Tortage Beach tutorial are now more visible.
    • Minor visual adjustments to the cutscene played in Mithrelle's Mansion during the Rogue Destiny quest Awakening II - "Mansion of the Wizard"
    • Eiglophian Mountains - "Cannibal Commotion": The goal marker for Attadeus now points directly to Attadeus rather than the entrance of his cave.
    • Khopshef Province - "Stygian Superstitions": Quest marker moved closer to quest objective.
    • Khopshef Province - "Troubles of Thuthmekri": Derekhar should now agro when attacked.
    • Khopshef Province - "Lusts of the Flesh": You will now get a cask of Tainted Ale to give to Tuthmekri. Players who want to finish this quest will unfortunately have to delete it from their quest journal and get it again.
    • Poitain - "Order Silks in Poitain": Completed quest now has a description.
    • Tarantia Noble District - "The Chef": This quest will now complete properly. If you picked up the recipe, you can ask Juan about it. If you've not picked up the recipe, Juan will not ask for it at all.
    • Tarantia Noble District - "The Love of a Countess": Goal markers have been modified for simplicity.
    • Tarantia Noble District - "The Love of a Countess": Player should have an easier time talking to this NPC, without her getting too upset.
    • Tarantia Noble District - "Paetus & the Nemedian Crown III": This quest now has coordinates to get to Pallantides.
    • Tarantia Noble District - "Patterns in Insanity": The Junk Seller will not give you a pattern if you already have one.
    • Tarantia Noble District - "Obtaining the Noble Arena Key" now works. Aquilus will now duel the player, and complete the quest. The goal text has been modified as well.
    • Tortage - "Tarisha's Sacrifice": Changed goalmarker for the Pirate's Gold Earring to an X instead of the small radius so it will be easier to locate now.
    • Tortage - "Tarisha's Sacrifice": Collecting a Cannibal's Tooth waypoint has been altered to cover the entire area of the Cannibals.

    • Long robes and dresses should appear with less graphical errors when the player is wearing one and running or attacking.

    • Resolved an issue which was causing players to recieve a message stating that a spell was on cooldown and be unable to cast even though the cooldown had finished in the GUI.
    • The tooltip for "Cold Nerves" now shows up as intended, in green color and with a percent sign. Other feats affecting stats with percent values should also show up correctly.
    • Castingbar will not be stuck anymore if you move right as the spell finishes.
    • A new tab named "Nametags" has been introduced in the Interface options. All nametag related options were moved there.
    • The options "Show target's target" and "Show team buffs" were moved to the "HUD Options" tab.
    • The option "Show quest item effects" was moved to basic interface options.
    • The dropdown "Show vicinity tag" was removed.
    • The options "Enable target highlighting" and "Enable target decals" were moved to the Targeting section of the interface options.
    • Option to block team invites should now work again
    • The pet GUI now show the correct icon to the left of each pet name.
    • The control mapping GUI should no longer falsely report a key as reserved any more.
    • Members of the group is now informed if the group leader change the loot options

    • The client should now disconnect from the chat server after camping.
    • The chat server interface queue will now clear when the client logs in.
    • The Crouch ability should now properly indicate when it is on cooldown.
    • Made the attributes give their correct modifications (lower) so skills like fasthealing needs more than 1 point to work properly.
    • If you move while sitting down, you will automaticly abort the sit down animation
    • When an item gives invulnerability bonus for several different reasons, the bonuses will now be summed up and not shown individually in the tooltip.
    • Heal spells are no more generating a small amount of hate when they ticked, even when not actually healing anything.
    • Pets will now have a lower chance of breaking crowd-control effects, in most cases.
    • Solo players will now have their kill XP proportionally reduced if other players damage their mobs (this was already happening for groups).
    • 'Shield of the Risen' tooltip should now show the correct time remaining
    • A list of recent messages are now stored per chat channel so that when subscribing or unsubscribing chat channels to a chat window the content in the window will be instantly updated to display the history for the new set of susbscribed channels. When enabling or disabling timestamps on chat messages the entire scrollback buffer for the affected chat window is updated to show or hide timestamps.
    • Fixed a bug causing the cooldown timer to sometimes appear out of sync on items/spells/abilities that was displayed multiple places.
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    Default Funcom in - Raiders of the Lost Update Notes :)


    Mage (General)
    • Magic splash damage is doing individual rolls for each target, instead of dividing the adjusted damage on your main target and then applying the magic bonuses again.
    • Magic splash damage is not critting by itself anymore, but will crit if you crit against the main target.

    • You don't loose your apprenticelevel anymore when you level.
    • If the mentor goes up a level, your apprenticelevel will also level up accordingly.
    • If the menter goes up a level and that makes him/her be more than 20 levels above the pupil, the apprenticeship is terminated.
    • If the pupil goes up a level and that will make him equal to the apprenticelevel, the apprenticeship is terminated.
    • When you disband the team, or kick an apprentice from your team, he will loose his apprentice status correctly. When you reinvite him to your team, he can be reapprenticed again.

    • Some goals (those marked as providing team credit) for Raid quests will now correctly update the other raid members goals (not just the members of one of the teams). Quest loot drops for raids should now also drop for all raid members with the goal active instead of just those from one of the teams.
    • If a raidleader invites a character not in a team, the character will be placed randomly in a team in the raid. (if space). no new team will be created. - if a teamleader uses invite to raid, a group invite will be sent out to the character instead of a raid invite (that will fail).
    • Changed loot roll from 0-99 to 1-100.

    • The extra questionmarks that showed up in the confirmation message when deleting mail has been removed.
    • Fixed the layout of popup menus so the selection marker is not extending into the borders.
    • The feat GUI now remember which tab was selected the last time it was open.
    • Fixed an issue causing the minimap view to move downwards if the pet GUI grew to large.
    • As long as you keep the left mouse button pressed, camera auto follow mode will no longer pan the camera behind you.
    • The "/ooc" chat command will now send the text to the OOC channel rather than the vicinity (Say).
    • The extended shortcut bars are now fully visible if empty. When containing one or more items only filled slots will be visible unless an item is being dragged or the mouse is over the bar.
    • The quest journal map now hide the waypoint labels when zooming out to far (like the normal region map does).
    • Fixed an issue causing buffs placed outside the currently visible area of shortcut bars to still flash when ending cooldown.
    • Hotkeys are loaded and saved per conan account and not per windows account.

    • The target of a charge is now rooted while the charge is in progress. This will prevent the charge attack from missing the intended target.
    • If attacked while dancing and autodraw weapon option is off, you will go to idle instead of combat

    • Grey quests will no longer give XP.

    • You will no longer lose money when trying to buy a unique item you already own.
    • You will now correctly see items that other players have equipped.
    • Inventory overflow bag added. If the game gives you an item while your inventory is full, the game will now put the item in a special loot bag that only you can access. This will happen for cases where you use an item in the world, like some chests, tradeskill gathering and gathering quest items. The loot bag looks like the normal mob drop, but with a blue color on it. A message will be given on screen and a tutorial flag pops in the first time this happens. The bag will exist for about 5 minutes time.

    • Pets should no longer get far behind you if you are sprinting.
    • Certain group buffs won't keep you in combat anymore, when you have pets in the group.
    • Fixed an issue that could lead to the camera clipping through water surfaces.
    • you can now zone to the teamleader's instance even when teamleader is bound.
    • Self inflicting spelldamage will be visible as damagenumbers for everyone.
    • Loot bags can now be closed by pressing ESC.
    • Fixed another issue with being knocked off a ladder when trying to climb off it.
    • It is now allowed to use ' in guild names.
    • The client player's tombstones should now have a pulsating effect to distinguish from other players tombstones.
    • You can now move your character to automatically stand up from benches.
    • If a player is knockbacked to a position that is under water, the player will start swimming when the knockback is complete.
    • Prices should appear correctly again in the tradeposts.
    • Fixed an issue that caused dexterity to give too much bonus to evade.
    • Fixed an issue that caused shielding bonus to be incorrectly calculated, giving much more damage reduction while wearing a shield than intended.
    • Placing a trap directly under someone will now trigger the trap immediately, instead of when the character first moved.
    <table><tr><td style="padding-right:12px;"><a href="">[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]</a></td>
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