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    Default List of Quests and Achievements threads

    Here is a list of threads presenting some of the quests of Age of Conan. You'll also find threads giving useful tips and locations for Achievements. All credits where it's due.


    T1 (Kyllikki's Crypt, Yakhmar's Cave, Dragon's Lair):
    T2 (Black Ring Citadel Wing 1, Wing 2, Wing 3): Getting BRC Quests
    T3 (Thoth-Amon's Stronghold Lower Floor, Upper Floor): T3 Quests: Where do i get them ?
    T3.5 (Temple of Erlik):
    T4 (Jade Citadel Courtyard, Chamber of Lost Dreams): T4 Quests
    T5 (Otherworldly Junction):
    T6 (Palace of Cetriss):


    The 11 Sacred Weapons of Hwanung
    Khitai Milestones Quest
    Khitai Forgotten gods quest
    Overview of Faction Repeatable Quests

    Achievements Guides & Resources
    Achievements - Adventuring - Questing
    Achievements - List of Panoramas
    Achievements: Pets with no arena fight

    If you think other threads should be in this list, post a message here explaining why or send me a PM. If your thread is here and you don't want it to be listed, send me a PM.
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