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Thread: Left module for open the window

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    Default Left module for open the window

    Need XML tag <SidepanelTab> code for "left_module" attribute to open this windows:
    - emotions window
    - petition window
    - raid finder window
    - AA window

    For example:

    name ="SPTabIRaidFinder"
    layout_borders ="Rect(-13,0,0,0)"
    inactive_interaction_borders ="Rect(5,5,5,5)"
    active_interaction_borders ="Rect(5,5,5,5)"
    gfx_inactive ="../../Customized/Gfx/a.tga"
    gfx_active ="../../Customized/Gfx/a.tga"
    gfx_inactive_h ="../../Customized/Gfx/a.tga"
    gfx_active_h ="../../Customized/Gfx/a.tga"
    view_tooltip_text ="RaidFinder"
    left_module ="RaidFinderWindow"
    right_module =""
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