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Thread: Update 4.10 Consolidated feedback thread

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    RIP Age of Conan but

    lmao the bigger insult you should be worried about is conan exiles, its one of them steam early access survival copy cat scams that are all the craze right now. All they'll want is that initial 10 bucks... to get the game and then you are all used up for them. and onto the next scam they're cooking.

    I'll tell you the truth too, it'll remain early access forever like all the survival poop clones.

    Thief funcom strikes again.

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    As some people have mentioned (more or less) the better approach is to speed up the progression through the lower tiers. Double the amount of gear that drops in T1-3 and reduce the cost of the gear from vendors with 50%. Do the same thing for the lower levels of pvp. Cut the xp for 1-4 by 75% and 5-7 with 50%. (numbers are taken out of thin air). If you released this 2 months prior to addding the gear to the shop this would be a lot easier to accept for the community.

    You could even sell a stat in the item store to boost this. Doubling every token you earn, and adding a normal to special token conversion at vendors. This would be a better solution. It would ease the effort for casuals and disguising the p2w from the community.

    And ofc, you should have made this thread on the TL forums 2 weeks ago with your ideas. Hopefully you learn to never blindside the community from these 25 and growing pages in <24 hours. So dont release the membership rewards without consulting the community, as you can see you aren't on the same page as the majority of the community.

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    I don't get what you accomplished by removing cheap items - weren't they the most popular?

    For those crying about T5 relics - I just bought 12 boxes and got two T5 relics (and a bunch of 4h pots and 1x King's Meal). I'm sure someone will be able to get full T5 that way.

    Also: T3 gear is crap since 2010.
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    Finally, people have started to feel how I felt when Funcom introduced world bosses with T1-T3 stuff, offline levels, an instant level-80 character, expertise point while levelling up, level-0 PVP armor at 80, PVP armor in the item store, and put the key into the pocket of unsuspecting Saddur who can just open the door behind him. Now, you understand me.

    The game is getting closer to (check "What to expect in the next patches?") and answers.

    I wholeheartedly support these words:
    Quote Originally Posted by Shax84 View Post
    Speaking personally, old world content is dated and uninteresting. But I've been premium in this game for 8 years so, yeah, the raids that I did in 2008-09 kind of don't make me enthusiastic and eager any more, especially after all the nerfs. However putting the raid or pvp armor in shop is a fuc*ing disgrace and an insult, a spit in the face to the premium subscribers that has been paying Funcom money to be able to do this for hundreds, thousands of hours. Summarized through 8 years, I have played well over 10000 hours and spent somewhere around €1500 in subscription fees, expansion packs and funcom points. From this day forward I will spend NOTHING on Funcom titles, and make sure to spread to other communities how you treated the loyal customers of this game.

    Am I reading this right?
    You are selling full sets of T3 raid gear? Not to mention a fully T3 and so geared lvl 80 toon?

    Thank you for this big **** YOU in the face of every raidleader. Thank you for the waves of people who don't know a **** about their toons. It will be superduperfun to lead T4 and higher with morons floading raids, bringing nothing but greed to the table. Thanks for killing T1 2 3 raids.
    Are you out of your mind?

    I am so afraid to look up what else you have done...
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    • Remove daily rewards and the raid finder;
    • remove membership bonuses;
    • disable PVE XP for daily challenges;
    • remove WBs forever on Crom;
    • slow down the AA gain;
    • lower the PVP XP gain or remove the streak system;
    • remove AoE looting;
    • add the missing mobs back to Khesh., F. of the Dead, and Eigl. Mount.;
    • fix the 250+ms ping;
    • take the key away from Saddur;
    • revert T3, T3.5 (10.21.15), T4 (10.21.15), and GGG changes;
    • remove energy and add skills (like taunt) back.

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    So ,you asked for feedback,99% of it in this thread is negative.

    Item shop is a terrible fail regardless if it's going to be somewhat salvaged by getting more bonus points in new membership etc.Even chances to get t5 and t4 ,t2 pvp gear from it is a big no from majority of the players and you actually managed to break the only thing in the patch that was coming as a fix/balancing because no one bothered to test it and you didn't bring the encounter on TL at all.

    Are there any "plans" to redeem the situation and take back/fix some of these terrible changes or is it "ok we heard your feedback but nothing changes because we are right" ?Yesterday we started a raid that was supposed to be motivated and fun and in 10 minutes 24 players felt they wasted their evening and some already uninstalled the game while running active subs because enough is enough .Good job !

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    I feel almost forced into buying the pvp2 armor if I want to pvp. The realist in me realises that the ratio of farming time versus real money cost is absurd (which devalues all my previous work to minutes). If I valued my gaming time at 1/10th of my working time its still an uneven equation. So it's either buy the armor and continue to play pvp or just quit. I realise that I can't keep up the motivation to farm for hours upon hours for something I can buy for 2 hours of my salary. (I realise I'm extremely fortunate)

    That brings another huge issue with this. This divides the population even more between the ones who can afford and those who can't. The average salary in Norway is 5000€+ so a set of armor is 2hours of work. In another country I think the relative price goes considerably up.

    People use games to escape reality, escape the inequalities of their real lives. They don't need the game to remind them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mellaus View Post
    Oh, and of course the arena is not fixed. Still that retarded endless queue.

    Can we say that update is a total failure ?

    Not total, since
    - it is not too late to at least now reread the old and new feedback and actually revamp (not devamp) the shop and membership options after getting rid of the saboteurs in marketing
    - they reintroduced the silver atrium
    - as f2p you now have some inventory restrictions removed (but here too, having still the resource restrictions does not bode well overall)

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    This disgrace is most def worth a newspost on gonna contact them later today. People need to know this companys true colors. Esp now with exiles coming out.
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    Ah, forgot about it - the UI is not oldschool - it looks cheap as hell.

    Someone compared it to M&M VI... which was looking weird and fake even back in 1998.

    The previous one had fitting art style and was good quality. The new one is like a graphic design project for elementary school.

    WTF guys?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Misiuggah View Post
    Ah, forgot about it - the UI is not oldschool - it looks cheap as hell.

    Someone compared it to M&M VI... which was looking weird and fake even back in 1998.

    I don't even...
    I don't understand how this could pass through quality control. It looks like home made UI made by some 9 year old for some phone application.

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