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Thread: Update 4.10 Consolidated feedback thread

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    Funcom Update 4.10 Consolidated feedback thread

    Hey all,

    The launch of the new shop is a pretty big one for us, so we'd like your feedback on what you think of it. Any thoughts on its appearance, layout, and inventory are welcome. Any other thoughts on other changes we've made are certainly welcome, as well!

    We are also aware of a possible issue with the speed of our authentication server. If you are 'stuck' at authenticating, please leave it for a minute. It should still allow you in. We are looking in to this.
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    From the update notes it looks like a nice update, good some of the bugs are being fixed.
    New item store looks quite nice in my opinion
    Good Job

    Edit: Looking at it more closely half the stuffs gone, and the rests got more expensive:really? -.-
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    I think the old version looked more polished. This has an older UI feel too it. A guildie just called it Might and Magic VI ish. I think thats a fitting description.
    And also, the prices are way up it seems

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    It's not good. The prices have gone up, extra feat before was 540 now it's way higher. The information you get from the "MAX SLOT" bag doesnt really have a name. Is it the same that was in the game before? Locker of Absolution? It's a bit vague on a few items and the overall feel looks a bit meh...

    This screams so much pay to win it's not even funny. A box where a chance of getting 1 t5 or t4 item? please, get that **** out of here please. You just got a lot of money, no need to milk us some more and don't provide us with as much updates as tsw. Please.
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    What's up with the prices, the dreadful design and I can't seem to find a search box there? Teleport coin for 60 points, what happened to the 18 point ports? 7% crit rating potion for 200 points, really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robdobp View Post
    From the update notes it looks like a nice update, good some of the bugs are being fixed.
    New item store looks quite nice in my opinion
    Good Job
    Good Job?
    None of the REAL Arena issues fixed, even though plenty of feedback was given.
    I haven't checked the new Store, but unless they have cut dramatically the price of items, I don't really care about shop.

    I hope at least for raiders that Ethram Fail fixes are substantial, otherwise.. well good job for what?! For provide a new shop to try to milk even more players money with pets, pay to win pots and 100 times recycled vanity sets?!
    Well everyone is free to spend his money as he likes, and to express his opinion.
    My opinion is that there is nothing to thank Funcom for in this update.
    Just to be upset for what is not there in it.
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    Am I reading this right?
    You are selling full sets of T3 raid gear? Not to mention a fully T3 and so geared lvl 80 toon?

    Thank you for this big **** YOU in the face of every raidleader. Thank you for the waves of people who don't know a **** about their toons. It will be superduperfun to lead T4 and higher with morons floading raids, bringing nothing but greed to the table. Thanks for killing T1 2 3 raids.
    Are you out of your mind?

    I am so afraid to look up what else you have done...

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    Definitely streamlined which is nice but the old store looked better imo, the new front just looks a little cheap with the big glaring icons etc, maybe an old world veneer over it to make it more fitting.

    Vanity items? Have they been removed for use in the revamped membership in a similar way to TSW's? Being given as a reward etc?

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    T4 and T5 relics on the shop, plus T3 armors. Plus T2 pvp gear.

    I wish Funcom had disappeared, so we would not have to witness AoC fall to those depths.
    If only those Edit by Anzu: People. could just stop ruining the game.

    They can't produce anything of value, and keep making AoC worse and worse and more pay to win. Useless Edit by Anzu: Again: people..
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    In game shop is not showing up.

    I see the menu bar on the top with the points, potions / special items / mounts / character, but nothing happens when i click any of them.

    Some of my guildies are having the same issue.

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