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Thread: No to solo PVP arena! - voice your opinions

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    Default No to solo PVP arena! - voice your opinions

    For formated text with links go to:

    This video shows a bunch of staged 2v2 fights

    ================================================== ===========

    Last time I got excited about new AOC content was when Mozes was a cowboy so...back in 2012? I remember that Dragon Spine got me pumped quite a bit (oh how crappy it turned out to be..).
    I was pleasantly surprised to read Game Director Letter – October 2014 achievements, pve and pvp arenas? Damn right! After re-reading the letter couple more times (reading comprehension fail) I noticed that....PVP arena will be a solo content. I immediately did what any sane person would: I tore off my clothes, ran through my neighborhood butt naked and screaming and then, while rocking back and forth at my desk, I got on forums and complained about it.

    Game Director was very blunt about the PVP Arena:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ne-X-us View Post
    2Nusquam Can we expect 2x2 3x3 arena with premade?
    The design I have read is for solo. Premades etc require more codework for matchmaking and greater scope. Can be considered for the future.

    Solo. Wow. There are two things that Funcom made me allergic to: "solo" and "bragging rights".

    Sitting down to write this post I promised myself that I wouldn't cry and I wouldn't write over and over and over again how PVP needs to be enjoyed with friends and not with random strangers.
    Well since I am already sobbing I can only keep my word on not explaing the importance of social aspect of pvp. Let me direct you to my other posts about friends and PVP (and how Funcom took that away from us):

    By the way do developers even know what it is like to play with strangers in highly competitive environment? Have you guys been ON THE INTERNET?

    Let me simulate the experience by copy/pasting my group chat from two games that, mind you, we have won!

    Edit by Anzu: No names.

    [Group] [A]: where the **** are u all
    [Group] [A]: ffs
    [Group] [Kr]: get off this ledge idiot
    [Group] [Kr]: noones here
    [Group] [Kr]: lol
    [Group] [P]: go flag
    [Group] [Bo]: ****ing noobs
    [Group] [C]: i go flag... please a couple of guys def
    [Group] [C]: nec - play
    [Group] [C]: kill flag
    [Group] [O]: cc this barb
    [Group] [O]: wher is this all ****ing team
    [Group] [N]: my ? to
    [Group] [N]: cretins
    [Group] [N]: cretins
    [Group] [N]: cretins
    [Group] [N]: cretins
    [Group] [N]: cretins
    [Group] [N]: cretins
    [Group] [By]: NO SUPPORT NO FLAG
    [Group] [Na]: u didnt even tRy to get it
    [Group] [N]: by
    [Group] [O]: lol all hit ****ing tank
    [Group] [O]: what a retard team
    [Group] [N]: y
    [Group] [N]: y
    [Group] [N]: bye
    [Group] [Bomby]: NECRO
    [Group] [O]: do you know what is ****ing stun or fear?
    [Group] [By]: who do you mean?
    [Group] [N]: bye
    [Group] [N]: bye
    [Group] [N]: bye
    [Group] [O]: specaly you tard
    [Group] [N]: **** YOU TARDS

    Can you imagine this kind of communication while playing with friends? Yes? Well then perhaps they are not your friends :X

    I don't need THAT in my live and this is what AOC pug system forces me to endure.

    With that put aside I can get right to the point why Solo Arena is a bad idea.

    Back in the day along with Renown system we got arenas that are located in Khemi and (I think) in Keshatta too. Everyone got excited about those arenas until we learned that there is almost zero difference between dueling in arena and dueling in the open world. If anything the system was more cumbersome that just pvping out in the open.

    Lets see what the new arena is all about:

    In the PvP version, you approach a different NPC, where you can queue for a PvP match. When a challenger does the same, a message is broadcast to the arena, informing everybody of an upcoming match.
    During the period before the match, other players will be able to wager on the outcome with a Bookkeeping NPC. Once the Arena is cleared, bets can no longer be placed and both combatants are teleported to the arena floor, and after a short countdown, the duel begins and continues until one player has been defeated.
    The prize pool is always based upon the actual money that was bet, preventing system abuse but also providing incentive for duelists to encourage people to come and watch them fight!
    Finally, in order to give the entire proceedings a sense of progression, you can earn faction with the Pit Masters (who have both a PvE and PvP faction) for competing in the arena. Over time, you will earn access to new pets, armors and vanity items as well as unlocking special quests from the Pit Masters.

    So it seems that PVP Arena is indeed 1v1 and also random.

    Here is what is wrong with the core idea of instigated 1v1 PvP experience:

    AOC is far from being balanced for 1v1.
    Every MMO struggles with pvp balance and AOC is no exception. While I consider the game somewhat balanced I am maxed out on gear and AA, veteran pvper. It is true that every class can kill every other class, but some archetypes are more "forgiving" than others. Necro making mistake and getting KBed by Guardian? He probably will be dead before he gets a chance to get up. Guardian feared by Necro and DOTed up? A dent in Guardians HP pool. It takes different amount of skill to by successful with different classes and gear/AA difference makes that gap even wider. Furthermore the classes are obviously doing better at different things: Demo will excel at AOEing enemies in minigames and score kills, but same tactic doesn't apply to 1v1.
    Last thing that makes 1v1 tricky to balance is the abundance of ready-to-use stuff that you can launch at enemy the second the fight starts. In duels you will always have your best stuff ready and we all know how things like Last Stand can affect 1vs1.
    If you add gear and AA difference it can turn out that the fight will last couple of seconds and will end up in a bloody mess.

    Just an example:

    This very much simulates what 1v1 arenas will turn out to be. Thats hardly fun for anyone.

    Also there is no "depth" to 1v1. It usually results in "all in" type of combat where combatants simply try to overpower one another with everything they have at their disposal. There is no reason to hold off on any cooldown since the fight might last just couple of seconds.

    So what could be better? 2v2 or 3v3 arenas. I would begin with 2v2. There is so much more complexity when it comes to four person pvp dynamics. Healing, CC coordination (very important with global CC immunites), target switching, baiting, kiting, bubbles and so on. Assassin might use dull pain and go after the Demo, but that Demo has POM partner and dull pain doesn't mitigate holy damage, but what if Assassin has HOX back up who will interrupt POM spells? It is infinitely more interesting both to play 2v2 as well as to watch 2v2.
    What about bets? Well it's super easy to predict outcome of class vs class match up, especially if you know one of the combatants is skilled. Necro vs veteran Guardian? My money is on guardian. In 2v2? Well it can get tricky and of course more interesting to place the bets.

    What about balance? **** balance! Let us go at each other throats. Make arena vicious, brutal, unforgiving content in which everything goes and winners take it all! If someone is not ready for top tier PVP competition then he has PvP events, Bori and PUG minigames to enjoy. Don't ruin your most loyal pvpers fun just to make things "even". Arenas will never be "even" or "balanced" so don't try to make it so, capitalize on competitive aspect of arenas. It will be fun because it WILL BE HARD. There is no glory to be had if there is no struggle.

    And last and not least: put back "group" in to "group pvp".Seriously I think we all had enough with solo pvp experience and taking verbal abuse from frustrated, anonymous strangers.
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    total ok with you we need back grp friend mini delete mini pug and no 1vs 1 in arena!

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    If this new arena comes with leaderboards, It could get quite interesting. If it had easy implementation of some tournaments within it by devs, new arena could be very nice addition to the game. While it's solo arena in question at first, it always can be upgraded later if successful to permade vs premade.

    Unfortunately what i heard so far looks like it's just copy of already 2 existing arenas with exception of bids. Bidding is just unimportant topping, if core isn't attractive. Add leaderboards, tournaments, premades, when bidding and monitoring the fights gonna be cherry on top.

    Still i prefer they would fix tournament minis first, how long they can neglect that.

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    Solo arena is not ideal for sure but i wouldn't mind it if there are 2v2, 3v3 or even 4v4 options. And ofc no just random sign but playing with friends

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    This whole idea is bizarre. There's already a pvp arena in Khemi right now, I even went inside once, there were pretty lights and such. Though I'm sure half the playerbase isn't even aware it exists. Make that better instead of adding yet another half assed thing. While I'm not one to talk about pvp, I'm familiar enough with FC doing pointless things for absolutely no reason (horse track! elite enemy spawners in gather zones! Saddur's key!) that I know this will turn out to be underwhelming at best.

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    Hmm. While I understand and agree with you, the pit was mostly 1v1 and worked ok.
    It was rp community driven without stats and totally not for bragging rights, just plain ol' fun.
    So, 1v1 can work and should be part of an arena, but to limit it to 1v1 would be stupid.
    I would say up to half-group size (3) per team, but that is just thumb suck number. I think pit went up to 2v2 mostly, but was too small for larger teams.
    (The Pit was an rp-pvp community weekly event in sailor's den tarantia, on Aquilonia server.)
    This is background for those who don't know. I know you remember the pit, Slith.
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    Well...class like guardian cannot 1v1 at all, DT/Conq do more dmg in def than frenzy guardian....
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    Im personally fine with 1on1, its the type of "game i like the most" but aoc is not really balanced all that well for 1on1... at all. So having 1on1 without balance is kinda pointless... also if both people have to agree to fight I will not be able to do this for very long. I mean without random sign ups.

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    I am not into PvP, but I am highly interestet in beeing able to watch PvP fights, and beeing able to bet seems awesome.

    Actually, the german community was blessed to enjoy multiple events hostet by Sinada, that had exactly this concept. 16 players tournament, best off three, 1 vs 1, audience could bet on each duel and on the winner.

    But: 1 vs 1 was only choosen because groups would have been to hard to handle.

    A only 1 vs 1 arena would be a fail, particularly if its random and you can not premade.

    I would not participate in fights, but if this goes right, players who have no clue about pvp would be able to see it. If you do not take part in them you will never see a mini. What I am trying to say is that an arena would not only be content for pvpers, but for everyone who would like to enjoy something which should have been in the game from the start (Conan? Arena? Match!). But to be succesful this arena fights have to happen, and if no one fights no one can see fights. So the concept has to be as attractive as possible, and fighting a random player seems not to be fun. And if there are no boads keeping track of winners then there is no point in betting on anyone.

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    Signed, new arena must not be just solo for obvious reasons
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