• A whole set of four new Unchained Raids await you! Take on Yakhmar, Vistrix, Champion of the Honorguard and Kyllikki with all new encounter mechanics and brand new rewards! The quest can be picked up in Old Tarantia near the stables, from Gutter Rat. The raids are accessed outside the Palace of Cetriss in Dragonspine.
  • Introducing the PvP Minigame streak system! Players will automatically receive a new quest when entering any minigame. With every minigame victory, the quest advances and the rewards increase, but watch out! Losing a minigame will reset your progress back to the start! A new item, "Indemnity", has been added to act as insurance against a minigame loss. Are you up to the challenge?

  • The Hoard of Destiny has been replaced with the new Hoard of the First Raider.
  • An Auto Loot feature has been added. The default keybinding is Shift+V, which can be changed in Options -> Controls -> Misc Actions. Pressing the auto loot button will cause your character to automatically loot nearby bags.
  • Individual minigame statistics are now visible on the player info window.
  • The Flameweaver companion now functions as the description suggests.
  • Items sold by Bikromm Spamher will now properly filter if the player already owns the items he sells.
  • Using a morph item or unlimited morph ability no longer sets the user to sprint mode when in combat.
  • All morphs and unlimited morphs can now be used in Dungeons and Raids.
  • Unlimited morphs are now invisible in minigames.
  • Unlimited morphs now all have consistent durations (30 minutes) and cooldowns (1 hour).
  • Added missing descriptions to the following companions:

Companion: Snake Charmer
Companion: Succubus
Fleet Black Riding Camel
Mini-Pet: Leviathus
Pet: Black Ring Gargoyle
Unlimited Morph: Dusk Fiend

  • The quest area for "The Battle of Set" in Kheshatta has had its population reduced.
  • The "Well Corrupted" quest in Paikang has had its issues with the waves of NPCs fixed, making the quest considerably quicker to complete.
  • The "Telltale Signs" quest in Kara Korum has had order requirements removed, allowing players to find the signs in whichever order they please.
  • The "Mei-zhu's Vengeance" quest in Northern Grasslands now correctly updates when fighting Po-Sha's lieutenants in Godslayer mode.

Soldier Archetype
  • Frenzy Stance - Magic damage has been removed.

Priest Archetype
  • Expanded Conviction - Reduces the blocker time of big heals by 1 second per point. The previous effect of 5 points into this AA has been applied as the standard (resource regeneration).

  • Choking Powder - Lowered cost to 1 soul fragment and changed to an instant cast.

  • Exhausting Traps - Stamina/Mana drain has been reduced significantly.
  • Fixed an issue where Point Blank Shot referred to the old name in the AA tree.

  • Decapitation - Increased the damage to 12.5% per feat point (up from 8%).
  • Decapitation - Crits should hit a little harder.
  • Eyes of Madness - Changed to an ability that adds 1600/2300/3000 armor penetration per feat point spent for 5 seconds.
  • Swarm Fighter - Changed to apply a DoT to the 6 closest targets within 5m, healing the barbarian slightly for each target hit. Feat points spent increase the damage of the DoT. The passive damage bonus previously attached to this feat remains unchanged.
  • Devastation - Critical hits no longer remove stacks of devastation, however the buff's duration has been drastically reduced. The base chance to proc, along with the increased chance per feat point spent, has been greatly increased.

  • Titanic Smash - Damage has been increased by 25%. Additionally, a stacking torment is now applied by the combo.
  • Stand Your Ground - Changed to 100% knockback resist for the Guardian and his team.
  • Stand Your Ground - Increased the cooldown to 2:30 (up from 1:00).
  • Prime Initiative - Made into an instant cast ability but lowered the damage by 25%.
  • Juggernaut - Buffed weapon damage by 15% while this is active.
  • Juggernaut - Passively adds a healing component to the Counterstrike and Deliberate Reprisal reflective damage.
  • Strike and Guard - Damage and hate generation increased by roughly 15%, damage deflection buff increased to last 12 seconds.
  • Strike and Guard - Now gives 6% damage deflection per rank (up from 4).
  • Strike and Guard - This is now a one-step combo.
  • Counterstrike & Deliberate Reprisal - Combo and Reflective damage increased significantly.
  • Counterstrike & Deliberate Reprisal - All ranks of Counterstrike and Deliberate Reprisal now share a cooldown.

  • Battlefield Commander - Now adds weapon damage to all formations and disciplines in any stance rather than differentiating functionality based on stance
  • Burst of Aggression - Fighting spirit will now only be applied if the knock back element strikes a player. It should not be applied against NPCs.

Herald of Xotli
  • Improved Word of Command - Reduced cast time instead of mana cost decrease per feat point.
  • Fire Lance - Damage increased by roughly 20%.
  • Mindless Brute - Renamed to "Demonic Strength". Now adds 7.5% melee weapon damage modifier per rank while in any demon form.
  • Roots of Hell - Knockback immunity is now 25/50/75 per feat point spent, and this functionality has been added to the Red Shadows of Xotli demonic form (which was previously missing it).
  • Phoenix Cloak - Changed to a buff that gives 5% movement multiplier and 30/40/50% damage deflection per rank of the spell, with a 6 second duration and 2 minute cooldown. The casting time has been reduced by 50%. The previous functionality has been removed.
  • Phoenix Wings - Adds 5% movement multiplier per feat rank to Phoenix Cloak.
  • Improved Phoenix Cloak - Increases the duration of the Phoenix Cloak buff by 20% per feat point invested.
  • Burn to Death - The damage over time component of all ranks of Burn to Death now correctly scale with Intellect.
  • Desecrating Essence - Now innately stuns up to 6 enemies within 4 meters when switching into this demon form.
  • Avatar of Xotli - Now innately stuns up to 6 enemies within 4 meters when switching into this demon form.
  • Horrible Visage of Xotli - Increases the duration of the innate stun from demon forms by 1 second per feat point spent (up to 3 extra seconds).
  • Improved Desecrating Essence - Renamed to Improved Demon Forms. Keeps previous functionality of reducing the cooldown on Desecrating Essence by 4/8/12/16/20 seconds. Added Avatar of Xotli to this, reducing the cooldown on that spell by 18/36/54/72/90 seconds.
  • Searing Hatred - Multiple instances of this debuff can now be applied from different casters.

  • Extended Flesh to Worms - Reduced the duration increase to 0.8 seconds per point (from 1 second per point). This will not have any effect on the DoT, as 1s per point was only a problem due to the final feat point adding nothing (the final feat point would bring it up to a 25.5 second duration, and since it ticks every 6 seconds, would never tick past 24 seconds anyway).
  • Supreme Lich - Training this AA perk now grants a cosmetic ability that allows the player to switch between lich form and their regular form at will.
  • Gelid Bones - Gelid Bones will now apply a debuff called "Quarantine" on all targets hit by the spell that reduces the power of incoming heals by 5/10/15/20/25% (rank 1-5). A casting time of 1.5 seconds has been added, and the cooldown has been increased to 24 seconds.
  • Blasphemous Ruin - Blasphemous Ruin has been updated. In addition to the existing functionality, Blasphemous Ruin will now consume a Quarantine debuff on a target, converting the heals reduced into a minor healing effect on the Necromancer's team.
  • Extended Pestilential Blast - Renamed to Empowered Gelid Bones. Increases the damage inflicted by Gelid Bones per AA point spent.
  • Frozen Hatred - The snare effect (Chill) has had its duration reduced to 6 seconds (down from 15 seconds).
  • Tome of Epithur - The base cooldown of this spell has been reduced to 10 minutes (down from 15 minutes).

  • Impish Horde - No longer unsummons your current pet. Additionally, imp damage has been increased by 25%.

Priest of Mitra
  • Hand of Mitra - Removed the magic damage penalty and reduced the duration to 5 seconds (down from 10 seconds).
  • Empowered Hand of Mitra - Increases the duration of Hand of Mitra by 1 second per feat point spent.
  • Light The Path - Removed the casting time reduction on Repulse. Retains the cooldown reset on Eye of Judgment, though this effect can only occur once every 60 seconds now. During that 60 seconds downtime, Repulse is improved and will add a stacking spiritual torment on its targets.
  • Divine Lance - Will now increase the healing done and the amount of targets healed per feat point. The mana increase part has been removed.

Tempest of Set
  • Idol of Set - Increased Idol duration to 30 seconds.
  • Puppets of Set - Changed to a fear.
  • Brain Spasms - Renamed to Slip Free. Significantly reduces the duration of the next root or snare cast on the Tempest for 12 seconds. In addition, provides a 15 second boost to damage resistance and magic damage when a snare or root is caught this way. This spell has a 2 minute recharge time. Note that using this spell while already under the effects of a root or snare will not remove them.
  • Force of Lightning - Increased potency and radius of the lesser effect by 2m, as well as reduced the cooldown by 15 seconds.

Bear Shaman
  • Surge of Bile - Changed to grant a new spell which clears the cooldown on the following spells/abilities: Fierce Recovery, Grace of Nature, Ursine Crush, Lycanthropic Bite, Rune of Resilience, Booming Roar and Ursine Rush.
  • Surge of Bile - Passively decreases the cooldowns on the following combos by 5% per AA point spent: Bloodthirst, Bewilder, Ferocious Smack, and Hinder Movement.
  • Surge of Bile - The "lag" associated with using this spell has been fixed.
  • Bewilder - Raid Bosses are no longer immune to this spell.
  • Ursine Crush - Animation has been fixed.
  • Improved Adrenaline Surge - Renamed to "Circling Wolves". Improves the Lycanthropic Bite spell by placing a lesser health tap(both physical and magical) effect on teammates. This effect does not stack with Drain Life.
  • Gangrene now improves the Fierce Recovery spell to inflict poison damage on all enemies within the area of effect.

Festival of Bloodshed
  • All guards in Keshatta should now correctly ignore players while they have the Festival of Bloodshed buff running.