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Thread: Guide to Age of Conan PVP

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    Thumbs up Guide to Age of Conan PVP

    Usedtissue’s Starting PVP Guide

    Introduction: This guide will assume you are a brand new player to Age of Conan or PVP and is meant to teach you the ground up basics of PVP. This is includes, How to do it, where to do it, how best to do it, and other general PVP etiquette. Version 1.2 With added AA info and some working builds

    1. Getting started (Why should you PVP)
    2. Different kinds of PVP
    3. Optimization (Gear, Builds, AA)
    4. Etiquette
    5. Getting Better
    6. Working builds

    1)Getting Started:

    So you’ve installed the game, made your character and stepping on the first zone. Depending on your server selection, you will have the option to PVP very early on in the game (Starting at level 5 on Fury and Rage Servers).

    The question is though “Why should you want to PVP?”

    A: PVP in Age of Conan is one of the most rewarding/challenging/fun aspects of the game and I would do it for several reasons. Firstly, the enhanced challenge of facing real opponents that will adapt and change according to your actions (Unlike PVE). Secondly, many AOC’s mechanics (I.E the beautiful combat system) was literally made for PVP and provides an experience that’s unlike PVP in any other MMO. Lastly, you can rip off people’s heads and why would you not want to do that?

    So now that we have established that you want to PVP what’s the next move? Basically that comes down to your server choice. Currently there are three different servers in AOC: Crom(PVE), Fury(PVP), and Rage(HC-PVP). In the next update I will go into what each server offers but for now we will hold off on that.

    2)Different Kinds of PVP:

    Minigames- This is Age of Conan’s small-scale group based objective PVP. Currently there are five different minigame maps with three different rule sets that all play much differently. To sign up for a minigame just click the players and PVP tab on the top left, and either click join first available or enter one manually.

    1. Hallowed Vaults- This is a capture the flag type minigame set somewhere in the dungeons of Hyboria. This is one of the most popular maps and is one of the two maps that people will competitively pvp or “premade” in.

    2. Totem Torrent- This is a basic team deathmatch minigame with destroyable bases. It is set in somewhere in Cimmeria and basically the highest kills wins. However, if you destroy the enemy’s totem you can prevent that team from spawning and you will win that way. This is the second map that you will see people premade on.

    3. Lost Temple- This is a capture the flag type minigame set again in some dungeon in Hyboria. *Usedtissue’s Pro-tip of the day* Assert dominance and let baddies know you are morally and physically superior by kicking them into the lava!

    4. Blood Ravine- Capture the flag type map that is very open.

    5. Call of Jhebbal Sag- This is a 24 man domination type map. Capturing the flags will decrease the enemy’s tickets. The team that runs out of tickets first loses.

    Open World PVP- This is divided into two categories basically world events and world daily’s. Disclaimer: Lots of information has been posted from (

    Daily’s- These happen only on Fury and Rage. Basically one zone is selected to be the “active” zone. There are three different quests you will be able to pick up at the daily billboards that grants PVP XP and minigame tokens (More on tokens later). There are three different quests: A delivery quest, a simple “player killing” quest, and a quest to kill a specific player.

    Events- On the third Wednesday of every month, one zone will open up for a full week of PVP fun. The zones vary according to what server you’re on so use this as a reference (insert reference). Here are the different one’s: (Disclaimer, info is taken DIRECTLY from All credit for this goes to CirithGorger)

    1. Fields of Slaughter: Potential locations for these events are displayed on the minimap with a Red Flag icon. This is basically a king of the hill event. 1 of 6 possible static flags will become active in a certain part of the map. Every 30 seconds whichever team of 6 has claim over that flag will receive a number of points, the team holding the flag when the event expires will receive a greater increase of points (4 times the normal amount). The winning team is the one with the most points at the end of the duration. While the team in control at the end receives a large points boost. In order to claim the flag you need to interact with it for a short duration. Interacting with the flag while under the effects of any sort of immunity 'bubble' will not be possible.

    2. Solo event: Arena of Death, Potential locations for these events are displayed on the minimap with a Red Crossed Swords icon. Each adventure zone has two locations which will be considered to be a 'Arenas of Death'. When the event is active you will receive an 'Arena Gladiator' buff while in this area. You will score points by making kills of other players with the 'Arena Gladiator' buff. The Gladiator status will persist for a short duration if leaving the arena and any deaths while so effect will still increment the killer's score. The Arena will be active for a set time period, at the end of that time period the players from each archetype with the highest number of points will be declared the winners, in the event of a tie the first player to reach that score will be the winner for that archetype. Those coming in second and third place will also have their names broadcast and receive additional XP buff rewards. While inside the Arena all players will be considered hostile targets, even those in the same group or guild as yourself. In addition the majority of team buff effects are blocked.

    3. Team event: Arena of death, Potential locations for these events are displayed on the minimap with a Red Flag icon. Similar to the above event but with 3 teams rather than complete free-for-all. To be eligible for this event you must signup up with the Wolf Pict Arena Master during the warmup period, he is located at the nearest resurrection point. The matchmaking used is intentionally very basic and prioritizes maintaining existing groups above anything else, once the event starts teams are locked (no auto-balancing). Points are scored for kills made against opposing team members within the arena and the highest scoring players from each archetype of the winning team will be broadcast. As with the solo arena Gladiator status will persist for a short duration if leaving the arena and any deaths while so effect will still increment the killing team's score.

    4. Solo Event : The Chosen of Gullah, Altar locations for these events are displayed on the minimap with a Blue Flag icon. When this event one of the 3 potential locations is broadcast as being active. A buff effect called the presence of Gullah will show players they are in the correct combat area. At the end of the warmup period a random active player inside that location will receive a buff effect greatly increasing their offensive stats but blocking healing. The Chosen of Gullah will also become hostile to their team and guild mates while the effect is active. The enhanced buff will last for a maximum of 2minutes or until the player is killed or if they leave the combat area for too long. During that time the player will accumulate a score based on how many PvP kills they can rack up. Any player able to kill 'the Chosen' receives a large boost to their own score. Whenever the Chosen effect expires (due to timem death or fleeing) it will transfer to a new random player within the assigned combat area, this means the event will move around the designated area naturally and every player has an equal chance of experiencing this enhanced game-play. When the event timer expires the player with the highest score has their name and victory broadcast. To aid in the fight against the Chosen of Gullah players are able to interact with an altar in each combat area, doing some will provide a boost to their offensive capabilities.

    Sieges- This is the largest form of PVP in Age of Conan. Essentially the idea of a siege is for one guild (or group of guilds) to attack and capture another guilds battlekeep (A player created city that provides all guildmates with different buffs). These battles are scheduled beforehand by the attacking guild. Typically they are 48 vs. 48 battles and they take place in each of the three “border zones”. To capture a keep you must break through both sets of walls and destroy the keep and enough buildings; after a set time the keep will then be yours.

    Duels- The last and probably the most impromptu way to PVP is 1v1 duels. *This is mainly a Fury/Rage thing* These typically take place at the entrance to kheshatta or whatever happens to be the active PVP zone at the time. There is no official way to activate a duel, but the social norm is to jump up in front of someone you want to duel. If they jump back then head to a clear area and jump when ready; after both players jump then it is on.


    As with most MMO’s there is usually gear or weapons and different feat builds that you can use to customize your character. Same with Age of Conan, and unfortunately it has a very large effect on your characters performance in PVP. However; there are several ways to get into a set of starter gear, some being much easier than others, and that will start you off on the right foot.

    Gear- Getting the best gear for PVP for any class in Age of Conan is simple, if not insanely time consuming and aggravating. Since the last gear revamp, PVP gear and weapons are now the best gear all AOC classes can have in PVP. There may be some exceptions, but use that as a rule of thumb. There are 10 PVP levels in AOC (These are completely different from regular levels). Currently there are also three tiers of PVP gear. Luckily for you, the first tier of PVP gear will make you very competitive, in fact there is not too much difference in the T1 and T2 set, though there is a fairly significant defense increase with T3. I will go through what gear you can get at what level and afterwards I will go more in-depth.

    0. T1 Rings, T1 Cloak, T1 necklace
    1. Nothing
    2. T1 Shoulders, T1 Belt, T1 Boots
    3. T1 Weapons/Shields, T2 Rings, T2, Necklace, T1 Hands, T1 Wrists
    4. T1 Helmet, T1 Chest, T1 Legs, T2 Shoulders, T2 Belt, T2 Boots
    5. T2 Gloves, T2 Wrists, T2 Cloak
    6. T2 Helmet, T2 Chest, T2 Legs, T3 Rings
    7. T3 Cloak, T2 Weapons
    8. T3 Belt, T3 Hands, T3 Wrist
    9. T3 Shoulders, T3 Boots, T3 Helmet
    10. T3 Weapons, T3 Chest, T3 Legs

    Basically it’s full T1 by PVP 4. I think PVP 4 is the magic number you want to shoot for. At 4 you become competitive, after that, most upgrades are minimal. In fact there is very little difference between T1 and T2 sets; however, there is a decent upgrade in the T3 set because nearly x2 the critigation.

    Type of Tokens: To purchase this gear you will usually need gold and some sort of tokens. Here is a small list of the three main tokens focused around PVP.

    • Campaign Badges- Also called “minigame” tokens. These are tokens you can get by winning minigames, or open world events. They are used to buy PVP T2 and T3 gear.

    • Conquest Trophies – Also called “bori tokens”. These are tokens you receive by making a sacrifice to bori, winning a PVP event or bought via campaign badges. They are used mainly for PVP T3 gear and PVP potions.

    • Victory tokens – These are tokens that can be won through winning and competing in the PVP events. These are be used to buy cool vanity gear, pets and morphs.

    Builds- Your feat build is also extremely important. There is a bit more gray area here because there is no “right or wrong build”, though there are those that work much better than others. Choose a build based on YOUR style of play not on what someone says you should do. For now lots of feat builds can be found in the class specific forums. In a later update I wish post two usedtissue approved feat builds for every class.
    AA’s- Alternate advancement points also have a great deal to do with how your class plays and does in minigames. There are six different spots to put AA’s in. Of those six there are 2 silver slots, 2 red slots, and 2 yellow slots. Each perk will take up a single slot of corresponding color; however, some of the gold perks take up both slots. As a rule of thumb you want Pressing and Decisive strikes for the majority of classes in the lower slots. In the middle you will want the CC break and the CC time reduction. Gold perks vary between every class: Look to your specific class forums for more information.


    This will be a fairly short section because it is not “official”. Basically in AOC PVP the basic rule is don’t do to others what you don’t want for yourself. To make it easier here’s a list of things that if done will make your experience better and those around you as well.

    1. Do not kill someone of a lower level unless attacked first.
    2. If one team is killing the other team repeatedly on the rez pad, quickly capture the remaining flags.
    3. If someone is fighting a PVE mob wait until they are done to attack.
    4. When dueling wait for the second person to jump before charging.
    5. If two players are dueling do not interrupt them (Even by sending them group invites etc.)
    6. Generally have some respect for those around you.
    7. After any premade or open world fight, post a quick good game into global. It will do wonders to keep good PVP going.
    8. Fan everyone and everything this is extremely important. PVP is 90% fanning, 10% gear, skill, build etc.

    5)Getting better

    So you now have a fairly good understanding of the game and PVP itself now how do you improve?

    Firstly you should set yourself up correctly in the first place. This means the right build (for you), the right AA’s (for you), and lastly using the correct spells and combo’s (for you). These are all factors that are more up to you, and you can find much information about your specific class and playstyle on these forums. The next thing and one of the most important is to setup your key binds, there is technically no right or wrong way to do this but there is certainly better way of doing it. Here’s a few simple steps to get you going in the right direction:

    1. Stop keyboard turning! – Basically what this means is that you are using your wsad keys to turn your character and your camera. This may pass in pve but in PVP it will lead to thousands of quick deaths. To fix this start by setting you’re A and D key to strafe left and right respectfully instead of to turn. Next hold down the right mouse button to turn the camera and therefore you character. Now you will never keyboard turn again! This allows you to turn MUCH quicker and more precise and strafe easier.

    2. Learn to circle strafe! – (Melee players only) - Circle strafing is an art used in many games that basically involves you running “circles” around your target to gain an advantage. In the video below I will teach you the basics of circle strafing… Will update later

    3. Keybind everything! – This is extremely important because once again you can get away with clicking spells and combos in pve; this is absolutely not the case in PVP. There is no “right” or wrong way to setup keybinds (and there’s many thread on it). But the basic idea is to utilize the keys around your movement keys in order to use spells and combos quicker and with more precision. I like to use all the keys within reach of my left hand and in addition the alt key to use a “second page” of combos/spells.

    4. Learn from others! – Join a guild and just find someone who is good at your class and ask them for any tips. Most likely you will get more than you asked for because lots of players love helping out others interested in their class.

    5. PVP All the time! – This one is simple, like everything in life, experience is the easiest way to learn. Go in with an open mind and you’ll improve every mini.

    6. PVP 4 REALZ – This means competitively PVP. This will teach you more about group support and focusing targets than anything else will. Try to join a premade team, or if your guild does them (We do them weekly), join in-guild premades for a bit lower stress environment.

    6. Working Builds

    So here are some Usedtissue approved builds for various classes, these are by NO means the best builds but they are builds that I've found work for me and my play-style. Enjoy!

    1. Necromancer-
    -1) Feel free to swap x5 Armor for x5 protection, but that's what I run because after 4.4 you need the extra armor more.

    2. Hox-
    -1) Possesion

    3. Sin (All credit goes to Slith)-
    -1) Avatar Hybrid/General
    -2) Lotus Hybrid/General [reverse hybrid]
    -3) Tribrid

    4. Conq
    -1) Carnage

    5. POM
    -1) Veng/Gen
    -2) Div/Veng Hybrid

    Thanks for reading!

    Again this guide will be updated as needed and if you have any more questions or need some advice PM me in-game @ Usedtissue or Puggles or Emptycan or on the forums. Cheers and go roll some heads!
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    Reserved for later...
    V1.1- Added AA info 10/20/2014
    V1.2- Added some working builds
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    Quote Originally Posted by -tomhet- View Post
    Edit by Anzu: Please be constructive.

    Great Job, UsedTissue.
    Allow me to give a suggestion that helped me a LOT in the past:

    You probably know a lot of good pvpers that frequently creates pvp videos or created pvp videos. Why don't you put youtube channels or player names here? I was REEAAAAALLY bad before I started watching good players PvPing, that immediatly improved my gameplay experience.

    For example:

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    Great post!
    Would you mind if I copy/paste to my guild's webby with due credit to yourself?

    Mods, plz sticky

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    Very nice Usedtissue!
    Here is a sticky
    Hamsters and rangers and everyone, REJOICE!

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    Missing most important preparation "Step 0: Turn off all chats". As no one will post anything constructive (or rest won't bother reading it) during fights. And all you can get is moaning and trolling.
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    Fanning isn't explained, this guide is useless. >_>
    You should probably mention Shrines of Bori to newbies, as distasteful as it might be.

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    If you are brand new player to Age of Conan or in PvP, you just get your ass farmed in PvP. And guide don't help it. And, one most important note: Fury and Rage don't have any sieges in months. So your guide (good work BTW) is 2-3 year to late.

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