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Thread: Rakdos League: Screenshots

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    Default Rakdos League: Screenshots

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    Rakdos League Screenshots


    Due to popular demand, and to make it easier for players not registered on our forums to see the screenshots and eventually spot some errors we might have made.

    Note: If you want to comment on this poste, why not though it would probably be better on the other one you can find here. However if it is to name and shame a player or to complain these aren't real premades please pass your way.

    Here's the scores of the matches we've done:

    Poste Number 1
    Poste Number 2
    Poste Number 3
    Poste Number 4

    Poste Number 5
    Poste Number 6
    Poste Number 7
    Poste Number 8
    Poste Number 9

    Poste Number 10
    Poste Number 11
    Poste Number 12

    Poste Number 13
    Poste Number 14
    Poste Number 15
    Poste Number 16

    Poste Number 17
    Poste Number 18
    Poste Number 19
    Poste Number 20
    Poste Number 21
    Poste Number 22

    Poste Number 23
    Poste Number 24
    Poste Number 25
    Poste Number 26
    Poste Number 27
    Poste Number 28
    Poste Number 29
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    Reserved for later
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    Reserved just in case
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    cool stuff man keep it up
    Rage:GanksKahn pvp 8 Tos:fails at healing

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    Default Any more tonight?

    Hi all
    Why we don't make 2 groups and join to normal mini game and leave balancing to Funcom.
    and we can agree before the mini begin to count that match or not based on the level of balance.... acceptable balance based on the distribution of classes (healers and tanks and DPS) ....
    Our balancing attempts to put tank healer and dps in each group ... however Fun Com calculate the pvp lvl and maybe gear (God knows) before making the balancing.
    No one will feel sad for random distribution of good players, however in all matters , everyone have to remember that a win is our goal , and no slaking allowed

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    When you look at PuG minis the balancing seems to only be made by archetypes and not by classes and of courses dismiss completely PvP levels, gear and skill.

    What we try to do when we balance by hand is to take into consideration all of these factors Classes, PvP level, skill and gear. It's not always perfect, that's for sure, it can't be. But at leaste before the match everyone agrees more or less with how the groupes are balanced and we don't have frustrated people because they will spend their whole night having bad luck with Funcom's balancing algorithm.

    Technicly i wouldn't mind using that system. Having people blaming funcom for the poor balance instead of me or any other event officer dealing with it sounds good. But i sincerly doubt it would be good.

    An other probleme with signing in PuG minis is we can't be sure all 12 players of our groupe will get the invite. If you sign with groupe of 3 to a mini that already has 10/12 one of your players won't get the invite.

    Note: And yes there will be some tonight !
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    tempted to calculate which classes get kills

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    on 6 minis jan 25 religolibri lost only 1, the real ranger right there

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    Default 25th of Jan - damn balance

    People don't dare to switch between group, Soulhunter was afk during mini game licking his gf ..... Kardish plaied one game with Reli and Reli lost ................Kardish , if you playing next time in my mini .... i rather log off and stop mini gaming again
    i have no idea how balance is done , you are not convinced that it is balanced till we are farmed and pushed to res pad.
    I was blaming all night for not being happy about balance.
    Balance is not don't based on same classes in each team
    i rather play with any normal lvl 5 player than many no skill pvp lvl 10 players..... i know it is bug -premades.
    What a pre-made that u get with 2 guys not using mic or communicating, i reach to a point yesterday to say that it is enough for me to continue with this bull **** .
    I don't want OP team , but at-least make at-least 3 players switch between each mini .
    It is ok to lose one or two , but not to spend all night losing or even barley getting a tie.
    I know winners won't like my post, but it is same guys in same group winning all night , and thank god once the other group tried Kardeish we won and then he was replaced.
    I was stressed and shouting last night at our conq , who want to keep pushing and ending between 5 enemy players , and when i ask him to come back , he keep insisting that it is fine , i can hold ground ......what a ****n ground we are trying to hold>? it is a damn ****ing pre-made, everyone wana win , so you either play to win or just go to a random mini and make kills.

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