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Thread: Returning PoM, need advice for Khitai

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    Default Returning PoM, need advice for Khitai

    Hi guys,

    I've returned to the game after about a 1.5 year absence. I would like to grind some Khitai blues to get myself some decent gear, but I'm feeling really rusty and the recent revamp has thrown me off a bit.

    With solo faction grinding in Khitai in mind, could someone please help me with:

    - A basic rotation
    - A good feat build
    - Suggested AAs

    I'm planning on going for the Yag and/or SC gear.

    I would appreciate any suggestions you all could give.

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    This is modified from a previous post I made in the pom forums, but it covers most of what you asked for:

    This build is capable of solo-healing 6mans and will have you near (or at) the top of the dps parse even in a very good group if played properly.

    The spell rotation is roughly as follows:

    For single target fights: rebuke, cleansing fire, wave of life, MSE+insta smite, and then spam smite and rebuke until holy storm is up for the fast-cast condemnation. Once cleansing fire and wave of life come off cooldown, immediately recast them to keep both dots ticking and to keep your improved damage stacks high (from spiritual feedback and holy vengeance), and basically restart the rotation. But do not cast MSE if cleansing fire is not ticking on the target, as it will not trigger the insta smite, which is what makes MSE worth it. Work in repulse when it is off cooldown. If the tank is having problems surviving or holding aggro, throw blessing of mitra on them (also gives you 25% increased magic damage, so it is a very nice damage burst). Work in green heals if the tank is going down fast, and throw your big heal when needed. Use holy cleansing sparingly (usually last 15% of the boss) unless your tank is very good, because you will have a good chance of pulling it.

    In multi-target fights: Always target the add farthest away from you, and line them up in a column if possible for additional splash damage. The spell rotation is identical, except you want to spam lance, smite, and rebuke while waiting for holy storm to proc and for your dots to come off cooldown. Lance gives splash and column damage, so it is one of our best aoe spells.

    No matter what the fight is, spellweave as much as possible. This is a very mana-intensive build, but there is a 15% mana tap buff in spellweaving that really helps maintain mana. The additional damage is obviously nice as well. Poms also have an incredible ability called mitra's thunder that gives smite and rebuke a knockback effect--great for cc'ing adds.

    Go for scarlet circle gear until you get T4 (but get the yellow priest hands). It has the most dps and enough heal rating to solo heal anything if you get some HR weapons on weapon swap for when you use shimmering. Pick up steadfast faith and shimmering invocation and keep decisive and pressing slotted. Empowered mending is excellent too. Prelate at arms is also worth training up.

    Hope that helps.
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    Your feat build is broken, Robbybobby.

    If you have trouble with mana, and you will most likely, spec Light of Mitra over Purification of Mitra as that will put mana regeneration on you.

    The target furthest away thing also applies to Searing eye, that one also hit all mobs in the path to the furthest away.

    I use something like this one, on my bad gear pom.

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    You are welcome, Blech43. You see the main idea in both Robbybobby's and my build.

    * Get both Holy Cleansing, Avatar of Mitra, Condemnation and Holy Accession from Divinity. PoM has a big burst when Holy Storm has procced. Hit Condemnation and watch it go twice as fast as before. And then use Holy Cleansing and get another Holy Storm and reset cooldown of Condemnation. ^^ But, careful of agro here. This really is a magnet.
    * Get Sacred Fire and Sacred Smite from Vengeance. Cleansing Fire + Eye of Mitra = Instant cast Smite.

    Keep that in mind as a starting point and find a build that suits you. All players are different but the points above is an absolute must when making a Divinity / Vengeance build and any build without Holy Storm or Sacred Smite is a worse build than one with them.

    Regarding gear, go for all crit pieces. Divine Halo stacks while you attack, and the heal that procs from it can crit according to your crit rating + 10%. Yellow Priests wrists (minus hate), shoulders (minus hate) and hands (better than SC) are preferred. Scarlet Circle on the rest of armor. Get Dreamers Keepsake rings with magic damage gem from trader, Lacunal Nexus necklace from Forgotten City solo dungeon, and Jovus Cloak works fine until you get Vile Nativity cloak. Weapon, easiest to get Tail of Vaaghasan since you most likely grind Tigers faction anyway to get the mount.
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    The guy asked for a khitai solo grinding spec for the undergeared so I would go with something like this

    The other builds they posted are great for group PVE but IMO not optimal for solo PVE, especially undergeared.
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    This is what I use for all my solo grinding right now. It's fun. Lets you pull 4 or 5 mobs and you can blow through them pretty quick. You do have to use all the tools in the toolbox though so don't be afraid to bubble here and there.

    I prefer lance over MSE due to the shorter cool down and wider column. Leads to better aoe. Make sure you do your cleansing fire and blue heal back to back all the time too. That will stack 2 dots on everything.

    If you have horrible gear, just pull 1 or 2 at a time. As you gear up some you can pull more. My pom only has a few pieces of Khitai gear. The rest is a mix of T2/T3.
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    Divinity/Hybrid is the solo spec, and raid build is fine. With passive heals you just don't go down (unless it's massive pulls, then you have bubbles and still don't die). Also get the extra AoE CC and best damage spell PoMs get. I don't see benefit of Vengeance, but, I never liked Vengeance to be honest anyway.

    I would say it's easiest class to solo with, even Paikang is pretty easy without any gear.

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    If this guy is looking for khitai blues, I think a spec like mine will help more than div hybrid.
    Baneric / Munok / Johnkruk / Tomjones / Elgranorgo

    US first kills - Arch Lector Zaal, Bat of Nerd Rage, Emperor, Cloud, and Entity.

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    I don't feel PoM needs General tree for soloing - even undergeared they're robust. When my PoM hit 80 I was surprised how effective it was in Isle of Iron Statues with only cheap crafted blues + Lemurian Firestick. Div/hybrid builds worked best - most normal mobs burn down pretty fast with your AoEs, and you have awesome burst to take down bosses quickly.
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