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Thread: The New 80's Guide to Dungeon Delving

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    Default The New 80's Guide to Dungeon Delving

    To any prospective readers: Sorry folks, this guide has been removed. You're on your own.
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    Does Scorpion Cave still exist?
    I should have started with...great list. Thanks for putting this together.
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    i was drunk once and soloed caravan riders with my dt :P

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    Scorpion Cave is for 70-75, equivalent to Halls of Eternal Frost. Or so I think, it's been a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cins View Post
    Scorpion Cave is for 70-75, equivalent to Halls of Eternal Frost. Or so I think, it's been a while.
    That sounds right.
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    Vile Nativity isn't OMGFTW for long time now. In term of difficulty it felt down to Reliquary levels. After all nerfs to Argo-satha he is piece of cake now, so hardest part of this instance is solotanking Vanir boss with single, asleep healer.
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    Bravo! nice job dear OP Let's just hope that the fresh blood reads this nice little guide.
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    Really nice guide, it was fun to read it.
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    Very, very needed.
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    Sepulcher of the Wyrm is the hardest current dungeon until someone figures out how to prevent/remove the +100% damage multiplier buff on the final boss. It's still quite doable with 2 very well geared tanks, but it's going to be rough. Sadly it's not so much a skill check but rather a gear check...

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