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Thread: New names of raid weapons after 1.05

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    Default New names of raid weapons after 1.05

    (I transferred this sticky thread from the old forum.)

    As we know from the testlive server, raid weapons (and shields etc.) will no longer be class-specific after update 1.05, but they will still have stats that make them more suitable for one class than for others. Additionally, they no longer use the same names as the raid armor (e.g. "Valiant"/"Heroic Soul" for guardian items, etc.). So I thought it might be useful to prepare a table of the new names of all formerly class-specific weapons and shields.

    Update for 1.06: we can now extend this table to include Tier 3 weapons, based on comparing their stats with those of T2 weapons. For example: The Helot of Sacrilege (a Tier 3 staff) has very similar stats (only slightly better) to the Clutch of Black Terrors (Tier 2 demo staff); hence one may think of the Helot of Sacrilege as a Tier 3 demo staff. Other weapons can be matched in the same way. I've included the weapons that I've been able to find on so far. If you have any more information about the Tier 3 weapons, please post it in this thread.

    No code has to be inserted here.

    Tier 3 weapons only:

    No code has to be inserted here.

    Pictures of all the T3 crafted weapons, with their stats and (German) names, can be found on the German forum.

    * Denotes items that do not obviously correspond to any T2 item, in terms of stats.

    Note ^1: the "of the Void" weapons that drop from Master Gyas seem to be intended as a "generic" weapon set, rather than being associated with any particular class. See this thread on the testlive forum for more information. However, in terms of stats, the Blade of the Void is clearly an upgrade of the Ranger T2 sword (Sirocco's Lament).

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    This list is obsolete and misleading to newcomers!

    After 1.5 AOC no longer have class specific weapons.
    For example POM or TOS can use the same exact weapons, same for Demo/Necro Etc… they both can use as primary weapons and equally benefit from it.

    There should not be any case that Ranger gets a Shield over Tanks in raid, just because 4 years ago that shield was class specific to Rangers. Same goes for Ranger dagger, you really going to give that to Ranger over Sin???

    If you are looking for a list of weapons then try this site that also includes updated stat on them.

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    It is still relevant since many of the veterans/older guilds in game still follow those base rules in many/most cases. Ranger shield/sword are usually the exception.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapwater View Post
    It is still relevant since many of the veterans/older guilds in game still follow those base rules in many/most cases. Ranger shield/sword are usually the exception.
    And Ranger dagger.

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    items with magic damage, for example necro staff or demo talisman are excellent for pom or tos. but some "raid leaders" don't allow others than the specific classes to roll on those items.

    barbarians can and should roll for conq one hander and vice versa. but barbarian should not roll on conq two hander or hox sword, for example.

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    Conclusion: be smart, need what suits your class, and don't be a lootwhore

    PS: and also follow the number one rule: RL is always right ^^ (even when proven wrong....)

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    only a few weapons realy are class restricted most are good for multiple classes.

    realy hopping new game boss has the sense to finaly bring buyable weapons with raid relics to shut up obnoxious qq'ers about "that weapon is not for your class" crap

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    Engaged myself in a discussion on global today where a Priest of Mitra had rolled on and won a Narthex of Hell. People were trying to expose this character as a ninjalooter and that he should not join any groups any more. I simply replied that it is not the case he is not a ninjalooter because the staff is very good for a Priest of Mitra. And I got asked to find my place, someone to pull the stick from my ass because I was annoying to them, and the rules was like that people should only need on items for their class. Wake up..! Narthex of Hell is the best T2 weapon for a Priest of Mitra. You can not expect them to be satisfied with Tome of Deific Reverence, Staff of Eternal Confluence or god forbid the awful Hammer of Solemn Vows? And someone said there is no heal rating on the staff so it is bad for a healer. A pom should only heal. Troll factor is high on this one though...

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    it's all up to the rules decided by the raidleader. if he says to roll on weapons according to the old class restrictions, you have to do that, else it's ninja looting.
    if somebody doesn't agree, he is free to lead his own raid and enforce the rules he wants.
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    Red face

    I'm glad they added 1H sword that uses dexterity for T4, that way ranger can loot their sword.

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