Several things have changed in the Amphitheatre of Karutonia. The Abyssal Keeper and his menagerie have been evicted and can now be found in Ymir's Pass. Inside the Amphitheatre, someone bigger and meaner has taken his place. A large number of other, smaller, tweaks have been applied to make this instance an even better experience.

Thanks to popular demand, the Amphitheatre of Karutonia is now also available in a new Unchained version where level 80 characters can go satisfy their vanity as well as claim epic treasures! This Unchained version is on a 20 hour lockout timer.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Energy recovery effects to force the recipient to target the caster in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would not reappear when a popup appeared during character creation.
  • Items with delays will show particle effects.
  • The patcher now correctly handles the old config file from the original DVD.
  • Fixed an issue with floating talismans appearing in the equipment window.
  • Guilds: The guild bank now gets properly updated if someone adds or removes an item.
  • Taverns: Players are able to crouch again in all taverns.
  • Reliquary of flame: Warmonk scroll will no longer give an empty special loot bag when the looter's inventory is full.
  • Northern Grasslands and Kara Korum: Fixed several collision and world design issues.
  • Fixed the cause of a server crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could be knockedback just when attempting to double tap.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in use of numpad direction keys and your character would keep moving.
  • Fixed an issue where the time was not calculated correctly for combo starters, resulting in wrong damage.
  • Fixed some issues where items disappeared if inventory and bank inventory were full while items where taken out of the mail.
  • Improved the Mounted buff for the Tarpani Stallion, this level 20 guild renown reward again offers a unique protection effect while mounted.
  • Trade of Fortunes now also offers resurrection potions in exchange for rare trophies.

  • Venom of Zath should once again proc properly.
  • Fixed item descriptions for mounts which referenced "The Art of Eastern Riding" which has been renamed "Exotic Creature Handling".
  • Tweaked stats on Gauntlets of the Scattered Gods, Gloves of the Deathstalker and Gauntlets of Untamed Violence to increase their Crit rating slightly.
  • Reworked the stats on Club of the Wolf Rider (increased DPS and hit rating, replaced hate decrease and mana tap with critical rating and pure mana).

  • Fixed an issue with NPC idle behaviour that could cause them not to respond properly when engaged in combat.
  • Attadeus in the Eiglophian mountains should no longer get stuck in a state where he is unable to speak to players after a player fails the quest Out of the Frying Pan.
  • Servius in the Armsmaster's Tavern now has idle behaviour more fitting with his environment.
  • Fixed an issue where Lisimba in Khopshef Province could occasionally not be interacted with and block access to his quest "Trapped by Lions".
  • House of Crom : Reduced the amount of hostile NPCs in the entrance area of the Threshold of Divinity and doubled the respawn time of all Vanir in the dungeon to allow for easier access.
  • House of Crom: Fixed an issue where the Sentinel of Defense in the Vile Nativity would not correctly resurrect. This encounter should once more be completable.
  • Jade Citadel : Yah Chieng in the Jade Citadel should no longer cast Mortal Affliction on a Dreadshadow or any other pet.
  • Jade Citadel: The debuff element of Mortal Affliction will now also hit for a percentage of the targets maximum health to make it equally survivable by soldiers and other archetypes.
  • Jade Citadel: The Fu Dogs that ambushed players in the stairs between the Garden and the Zodiac room should no longer ambush more than once per instance.


  • Locked the Dash ability while the spellweaving state is active.
  • Spellweaving cost is now drawn every 1.5 seconds, down from 2 seconds.

  • AA: Reduced the innate channelling time of Sustaining Faith, Faith in Set and Adrenaline Surge to 1 second.
  • AA: Doubled the cooldown reductions of the Improved Conviction feat (-1 minute fully feated).

  • Lotus Overload now has a 10 second cooldown after it expires.
  • Increased the resource burn feat upgrade of the Blindside combo ('Bewilder').
  • Increased the resource burn feat upgrade of the Impede Life combo ('Impede Essence').

Bear Shaman

The main goal behind the Bear Shaman changes is to provide the class with several situationable feat options, as well as making the themes of the endfeat-lines clearer and more powerful. Granting them options like dealing higher dps than before at the cost of sacrificing some of their survivability.

The Wrath tree is oriented towards combo damage upgrades and performing combos to empower the shaman’s healing capacity and granting them powerful bleed effects. The tree also offers strong defensive tools making the Wrath focused Shaman a robust melee healer with high burst effects.

The Spirits tree is strongly oriented towards empowering the Shaman’s spells in order to increase their damage and healing output. The tree additionally grants them a strong line of utility and defensive spells making the Spirits focused Shaman a strong caster-melee hybrid with consistent damage and powerful heals.

General Bear Shaman Changes
  • The Bear Shaman is now innately granted the same amount of health from the Spirit of the Bear spell as the team.
  • Increased the damage of Shrewd Blow VI.
  • Shrewd Blow V is now a two step combo (UR, Mid).
  • Reduced the re use time of the Renewal Ability to 12 seconds.
  • Reduced the mana cost of the Blood Flow spells by 30%.
  • Increased the miss chance debuff of Ursine Brawl IV.
  • The damage effects of all Manifestations now have a small damage coefficient from Strength.
  • Manifestation of Spirit now additionally increases the mana regeneration of the priest.
  • Claws of Corruption now also grants a small amount of bonus magic damage for anyone attacking a cursed target.
  • Changed the gain level of some spells to improve the gameplay experience of low level priests.
  • Clarified several feat, combo and spell descriptions.

Wrath Tree
  • Improved the 'Animalistic Fury' feat, it will now also increase the critical hit chance of the opening attack of all Shrewd Blow combos by +2,5% per feat point.
  • Switched the feat positions of 'Blood Fever' and 'Ursine Rush'/'Ursinity'.
  • Tweaked the 'Poisoned Hide' feat points to grant a more balanced upgrade (no changes when fully feated).
  • Moved the 'Rampaging Crush' up as a standalone 2 point feat in the Wrath tree at tier 5.
  • Increased the resource burn feat upgrade of the Internal Bleed combo when Manifestation of Winter is active ('Winter's Bite'). Reduced the duration and increased the drain values of the Arctic Slumber debuff.
  • Improved the 'Gangrene' feat. It now augments the Manifestation of Winter by also granting the shaman a small amount of mana for each enemy damaged by the spell. Investing further feat points increases the damage dealt and the mana gained.
  • 'Rampage' was moved to tier 7 in the Wrath tree (lvl 50) and made into a 5 point feat. Investing further feat points increases the bonuses received.
  • Switched the positions of the ‘Claws of Life’ and ‘Claws of the Reaper’ feats.
  • Increased the chance of 'Claws of the Reaper' wounding a target when fully feated.
  • Moved the ‘Bloodthirst’ feat one tier down in the Wrath tree. Reduced the re use time to 30 seconds, additional points invested in this feat now purely upgrade the damage and healing done by the combo.
  • 'Weight of the World' is now a 1-point feat linked to 'Claws of the Reaper' (granting the same total critical damage upgrade as the prior 2-point feat did).
  • ‘Nature's Revenge’ counters now greatly increase the critical chance of the Shrewd Blow combos before it grants a large team heal at 10. Nature's Revenge proc chance was also increased.
  • Reduced the re use time of the ‘Bewilder’ combo to 60 seconds.
  • The Wrath tree feat ‘Shards of the Earth’ has been removed.

Spirits Tree
  • Moved the 'Balance of Nature' feat to tier 2 in the Spirits tree. Also tweaked the feat points of ‘Balance of Nature’ to grant a more linear upgrade.
  • Increased the weapon damage buff granted from the ‘Empowered Renewal’ feat.
  • Redesigned the former ‘Improved Spirit of the Bear’ feat to the new feat 'Endurance of the Bear': Increases the shaman's rate of life regeneration both in and out of combat. The feat was also moved to tier 3 in the Spirits tree.
  • New Spirits feat ‘Untamed Strikes’ Increases the shaman's hit and critical damage ratings while any Manifestation is active.
  • Ether Theft now also removes stamina and mana from the target, further points invested in ‘Improved Ether Theft’ increases the resources burned and the mana restored by Ether Theft, in addition to increasing the damage inflicted by the combo.
  • Improved the ‘Ursine Spirit’ feat. It now increases the magnitude of the damage reduction effect in addition to further increasing the mana regeneration effect while Manifestation of Spirit is active.
  • Improved and renamed the former ‘Spirit Walker’ feat, ‘Brutal Walker’ now increases the damage and critical chance of Manifestation of Spirit’s World Walker vision.
  • ‘Improved Adrenaline Surge’ was reduced to 3 feat points and moved up in the Spirits tree to tier 6 (-40 second duration per feat point).
  • ‘Deft Renewal’ was moved further down in the Spirits tree as a standalone 3 point feat at tier 6.
  • The 3-point feat 'Rune of Regrowth' was moved up to tier 6 in the Spirits tree and redesigned to the new 1-point feat spell 'Manifestation of Regrowth' While active, heals friendly targets nearby the Shaman. This Manifestation's triggered Vision, Spirit Ward, increases the shaman’s protection gradually, then bursts into a larger protection increase. (The minor protection granted from the Tree of Life vision was removed, Spirit Wards protection values are +250% higher than Tree of Lifes former protection values).
  • Redesigned ‘Claws of Life’ to grant the Shaman extra Protection while active, the heal effect was improved, removed the Armor buff and reduced the Natural Health Regen.
  • ‘Fierce Healing’ A new 2-point feat linked to the ‘Blood Healing’ feat. Improves the Fierce Recovery prayer by increasing the amount of healing it does.
  • Moved and improved the ‘Slaughter’ feat to tier 7 in the Spirits tree. It now also increases the Shaman’s Penetration Rating.
  • Greatly increased the damage inflicted by the Companion Spirit, removed all former claw effects from the companion.
  • Improved the Booming Roar endfeat: Grants the shaman a spell that summons a Companion Spirit and silences all foes near the target, interrupting combos in progress and preventing spell casting for a short period of time. The cast time was reduced to 0,5 seconds, silence duration reduced to 4,5 seconds and immunity reduced to 40 seconds.
  • The Spirits tree feats ‘Untamed Regeneration', 'Wild Energy' and 'Untamed Energy' have been removed.

Alternate Advancement
  • Redesigned the AA gold Perk 'Manifestation of Moss' to ‘Vision of the Sky’. The vision effect is now granted to any active Manifestation while the Perk is equipped (the buff effect was scaled accordingly to uptime).
  • Increased the finisher damage of the Silver AA Combo 'Maul'. Additional points invested in this feat now also grant the Bear Shaman an increased Energy Burn effect.


This patch has some tweaks to the Brute Conqueror. The goal of these tweaks is to make the Brute a more attractive tank, address concerns players have had for the Alternate Advancement abilities and give the conqueror more meaningful tools through the Disciplines / Formations / Techniques / Banners system.


These abilities are part of the Conquerors basic toolset. We have done quite a bit of work to make this system more meaningful. The way Furious Inspiration counters build is also re-designed :

  • Furious Inspiration can stack 10 times and no longer give any weapon damage bonus (Moved to formations and discipline buffs)
  • This stack can be consumed by the Grant Technique or the Plant Banner ability.
  • The effect of Techniques and Banners will be greater based on the Furious Inspiration counter when consumed
  • Furious Inspiration has a chance of building a counter when hitting an enemy or getting hit by magical and physical damage
  • The Furious Inspiration count will increase when you or your group get a killing blow or a fatality
  • Some feats, abilities and combos can also affect Furious Inspiration gain

This also means that this core system should be useful at level 5 when you gain your first formation ability. The way Furious Inspiration builds will also make it useful in solo and group play. We have also added a dummy-ability that explains the system.

We still have three formation and three discipline abilities. Each of them have a dps, tank and healing flavor. The disciplines are personal and the banners are area based. It's important to note that all techniques and banner effects will also give you the weapon damage increase and secondary effects from the original buff over the entire duration as a minimum. Without any upgrades this should give you 10% weapon damage. The Alternate Advancement perk "Battlefield Commander" is also re-designed to greatly increase the benefit of this system.

  • Will of Onslaught : Increases Weapon Damage and Critical damage. This also grants a group effect giving a smaller amount of critical damage.
  • Will of Mettle : Increase Armor and Protection. This also grants a group effect with a smaller amount of armor and protection.
  • Will of Vivification : Gives natural health regeneration to you and our group.

Techniques (Triggered by the Grant Technique ability replacing your current Discipline):
  • Will of Onslaught : Grants a 30 second buff further increasing the wapon damage and critical damage. Also increases weapon damage by 1% for per Furious Inspiration counter consumed.
  • Will of Mettle : Gives 5% damage deflection and 5% hate modifier. 0.5% Damage damage mitigation is added per Furious Inspiration counter consumed.
  • Will of Vivification : Heals your for 1% of your Max Health every 2 seconds over 30 seconds. This interval is decreased by 0.1 seconds for every Furious Inspiration counter consumed.

  • The Burning Standard : Increase the critical rating for you and your group
  • The Fortifying Standard : Increases armor and protection for you and your group
  • The Restoring Standard : Increases natural stamina and mana regeneration fro you and your group

Banners (Triggered by using the Plant Banner ability replacing your current Formation):
  • The Burning Standard : Plants a banner plusing fire damage every 2 seconds. Each Furious Inspiration counter consumed will increase the damage by 10%.
  • The Fortifying Standard : Plants a banner giving everyone in the area 2% damage deflection. +2% hate modifier is in defensive stance and -2% hate modifier if not in defensive stance. These effects increase based on the number of Furious Inspiration counters consumed. When a max stack of 10 is consumed, all players in the area will get +5% damage deflection, +6% hate modifier when in defesinve stance. -5% hate modifier when not in defensive stance.
  • The Restoring Standard : Plants a banner pulsing a healing effect every 2 seconds for 15 seconds. Each Furious Inspiration counter consumed will increase the healing effect by 10%.
  • All Banner and Technique effects now also also give a 20 ppm Physical and Elemental Torment proc.

Modifications from Battlefield commander:
  • Adds 20% weapon damage bonus to all disciplines, formations, disciplines and banners
  • Technique: Will of Onslaught : Adds 30% weapon damage bonus and 4% critical damage
  • Technique: Will of Mettle : Adde 5% Hate Modifier and 5% Damage deflection
  • Technique: Will of Vivification : Adds a a burst heal that heals you for 10% of your health when the technique is activated
  • Banner : The Burning Standard : Doubles the base damage inflicted by the banner
  • Banner : The Fortifying Standard : Adds another 5% damage deflection, +5% hate modifier and -5% hate modifier to the banner effect
  • Banner : The Restoring Standard : Doubles the base heal amount of the banner

Feat Trees

  • All Feint Attack and Improved Feint attack combos are merged to one single combo line "Feint Attack".
  • The retaliatory strikes from Guard of Dancing Steel now also triggers from magical attacks.
  • The retaliatory strikes from Guard of Dancing Steel now scales when the conqueror's strength.
  • Lumbering Hulk and Improved Lumbering Hulk now give 4% weapon damage per rank (up from 3%)
  • Improved Retaliation should properly add 1% hate modifier per rank when Guard of Dancing Steel is running. The description is also updated.
  • Angel of Fury was moved to row 4 now being able to trained at level 25. This feat will now increase the chance of gaining a Furious Inspiration counter when doing damage or taking physical or magical damage.
  • Burst of Aggression is now an AoE knockback with 1 second cast time. This can be reduced to 0.5s when training Remorseless Aggression.
  • Improved Furious Inspiration now triggers an effect giving Critical Damage Rating and Hit Rating every time you gain a Furious Inspiration counter. It still increases the amount of health, mana, and stamina allies receive after being resurrected by the Furious Resurgence and Resurgence abilities.
  • Mocking Sneer can now trigger on both physical and magical attacks
  • Colossus of War is not a flat 3% weapon damage increase per rank. In addition it increases the weapon damage bonus of Mocking Sneer by 1% per rank.
  • The duration if the Furious Strikes effect when doing Feint Attack combos was increased from 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Improved Retribution was changed to Improved Formation. This feat increases the weapon damage bonus from all formations and banners by 2% per rank
  • Improved Guard of Dancing Steel now increase frequency or the retaliatory strikes from 50% to 60%, increases the damage by 8% per. In addition, at rank 5 the strikes can also trigger from attacking enemies.
  • Overcome the odds is now a 12 second buff giving 200% Invulnerability for slashing, piercing, crushing and poison damage. This cases the the attacker to heal you.
  • Overcome the Odds will no longer cause guards to attack the conqueror.
  • Overcome the Odds will now always heal the conqueror when hit by physical attacks, not just by enemies in range when the ability was used. The conqueror also no longer risks dying when using this ability while having low health.
  • Surge now increases the critical change of the retaliatory strikes from Guard of Dancing Steel by 10%

  • Improved Fire Weave is now Improved Disciplines. This feat now increases the weapon damage bonus for all disciplines and techniques by 2% per rank.
  • Lingering Fire Weave is now Fierce Inspiration. It increases the rate of Furious Inspiration when attacking or getting hit by magical and physical attacks.
  • The Rend Flesh ability should be less aggressive on stamina draining when hitting multiple targets
  • Bladeweave no longer consumes Furious Inspiration. It will always give 50% Offhand chance and critical rating increase. The critical rating value is unchanged from the old ability when consuming Furious Inspiration at 10 stacks
  • Berserk Inspiration now grats an offhand chance and hit rating buff every time you get a Furious Inspiration counter

Alternate Advancement
  • Frenzied Strikes should now also increase damage for two handed weapons
  • Warmaster now increases the weapon damage bonus from disciplines and formations
  • Rally is not a 15s duration/60s cooldown ability that icreases weapon damage by 60%, Healing Received by 20% and Hate Modifier by 20%. In addition this ability increases your Furious Inspiration counter by 5.
  • Besiege now increases your chance of getting a Fuirous Inspiration counter by 20/40/60/80/100%. In addition this feat increases the full damage of the combo by 2% per rank
  • Rout now now increases the full damage of the combo by 2% per rank. In addition the two handed version of the combo will now give up to 183 Immunity and Evade Rating.
  • Battlefield Commander is completely redesigned. It now increases the effects from disciplines, formations, techniques and banners.

Dark Templar
  • Seal of Yog's Mana Burn effect while Covenant of Invulnerability is up can no longer critical hit and the 5 stack mana loss increase counter was down adjusted to +20/+40/+60/+80/+100 %.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent mana costs for Aura of Infusion.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent mana costs for Aura of Infusion.
  • Shadowed Blade should once again work as intended.
  • The innate ability Rite of Blood will now also grant the templar an energy gain while active. Increased the re use time to 30 seconds.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Demonologist spell Possession to not properly check target immunities.

  • Increased the innate stamina burn values of Disable IV, it will now grant a good upgrade from Disable III.
  • Increased the stamina burn feat upgrade of the Plexus Strike combos ('Morale Boost').

Herald of Xotli
  • Increased the resource burn feat upgrade of 'Insanity of Xotli'. Also, 'Dark Blessing of Xotli' will now further increase the resource burn in addition to bestowing a portion of the drained mana and stamina upon the herald.

  • Increased the resource burn feat upgrade of the Lifestrike spell ('Dread Blight').
  • Increased the stamina burn of the feated 'Void' spell to match the mana burn value.

Priest of Mitra
  • Increased the resource burn feat upgrade of the Mitra's Searing Eye spell 'Eye of Penance'. Also, removed the Undead/Demon requirement and adjusted the mana gain of Eye of Penance, it will now grant the priest mana for each target hit.
  • Increased the personal mana gain feat upgrade of Light of Mitra ('Improved Rejuvenation').

  • 'Advantage: Recuperation' now also restores mana to the ranger's team, in addition to restoring more energy when fully feated. The stamina restoration was reduced.
  • The two lasted points in the 'Exhausting Traps' feat will now also upgrade the resource burn for PvP.

Tempest of Set
  • The feated 'Storm Blood' spell will now also greatly increase the priest's mana regeneration while in effect.
  • Eyes of Set should no longer affect invulnerable pets.