As promised from last week’s community update, we have deployed Update 3.2.4 to the live servers containing a temporary fix for the PvP respawn mechanic in mini-games. This fix is only temporary for the time being, but it will be replaced with a timed version that will expire when standing on the resurrection platform. More information on when that new mechanic is in place will be announced soon, but the team is looking to have a testable version on Testlive very shortly.

Testable Update 3.3

In addition to the current update status, we have some very interesting developments on Testlive brewing for the community to check out with the next big update. Age of Conan Producer Per Storløkken wanted to mention the team has been diligently working on three (3) new raid encounters for the Jade Citadel and revamping the Basilisk encounter. But wait, there is more! Per also wanted to point out the hard work from the systems team in also lining up a revamp of the Priest of Mitra class that will contain some much needed love based on the community feedback. So if you haven’t already, jump on Testlive and check out the next (and hopefully) wave of changes pending release to the game!

(Note: Testlive does not necessarily reflect changes that will be deployed in future patches, but they do provide a great preliminary overview of what may or may not be released to Age of Conan.)

To close out today’s update; we also wanted to mention the new bank expansion items will be available in the item store from next Monday onward.

Have a great weekend everyone!