With this new feature you will get additional levels gained over time that can be allocated to characters in the character selection screen if you wish. It is designed to earn and allocate additional levels to gain over time even while being offline and it’s only available to put on characters that are at least level 30.

The system started off today with giving each active account four levels to distribute. Every 4 days from now on there will be one additional level added to your pool. In character selection screen you will be able to assign these levels to any of your characters. The only requirement is that the character is at least level 30.

The mentioned 4 days are real-time days meaning it doesn’t matter if you ever logged in with your account during those 4 days or not, the additional level will be added to your pool. It is a requirement though that your account is active and has a running subscription.

If all your characters are level 80 and you can’t therefore use these additional levels at the moment, you will keep on gaining levels but won't be able to assign them to a character unless you start a new one and that one reaches level 30.

It’s important to mention that this feature is completely optional. So you could also choose to never assign any additional level from your Offline Character Progression pool to any of your characters.

Please note: once you have assigned a level to a character it can not be reverted. Customer Support would not be able to take that level away from your character and add it back to your pool. So please be careful when assigning these levels. There is also a button to assign all available levels to the character currently active in the character selection screen. Please make sure you have the correct character selected when using this option.