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Thread: Black Castle questline?

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    Question Black Castle questline?

    To get the quest "Breaking the Spell" for BC, according to AoCWiki, it starts with quests from the npc Mencar. I got the first quest to get some items from mobs on Pashtun. There's supposed to be a follow-up quest from Mencar, "Forbidden Knowledge", but after finishing the first quest, Mencar doesn't give me any more quests. Is there some cooldown or something? Or is there some other prerequisite quest that AoCWiki doesn't mention?

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    I think you have to do also the quest from Cpt. Menes that sends you to Semira.
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    I'm not 100% sure on the requirements, but I know I did one or two quests involving Semira first, though I'm not sure if I started with Captain Menes first or not. After Forbidden Knowledge, I picked up a quest from Ptah west of the Purple Lotus swamp entrance which led me to Cthhrakl and the rest of the Black Castle quest chain. I imagine I never needed the Ptah quest to get the one from Cthhrakl.

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    Menes> Semira > Lich


    Mencar questline


    Find Cthhrakl near entrance of the Oasis, who leads you to the Hive master.

    Old instances questlines are like this, multiples requirements, hidden quests and chainquests.
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