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Thread: RF broken on Crom?

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    Default RF broken on Crom?

    Hi there,
    is RF broken on Crom, or are there not enough people on Crom left for it?

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    Everyone is over on the Saga Server.

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    Crom will become Fury 2.0. Since it seems that there will be several saga servers (after the first one ends the next "season" starts) it will probably be a lot quieter on Crom now... just like on Fury. They basically killed the last populated server by dividing the population even further.

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    Rf also doesn't work on fury. It says it will be reactivated in February like on saga server. I think they accidentally turned it off on the other servers while turning it of for saga.

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    Hey all, should be good now. Please let us know if this keeps happening.
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    If all there was there and all complain is RF there was few to kill. RF did a great job Killing Crom. Maybe now Crom is quiet but AoC alive as i cant see for years. 5 instances in tortage and low level dungeon. Ppl who care about green items. I had yesterday a lot of fun in guild Black Castle pyrist.
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