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Thread: Saga opened up

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    For the people that keep saying disable the ui...are you saying remove it and reinstall it or is there a button somewhere that says "use default?"
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    Default How to resolve UI issues (can't see Saga character option in character selection)

    If you experience the issue that there is no window in the character selection screen for a Saga Char, you DON'T have to remove your Custom UI entirely. Go to your AOC root folder, then navigate to /Data/Gui/Customized. There, rename the "Launcher" folder to something else. This will restore the game's login and character selection screens to the vanilla version. Restart the game and you will now have the option for the Saga Server char.

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    All I had to do was go to (aoc folder)\data\gui\customized\launcher and delete or rename CharacterSelectView.xml

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    Go to
    Age of Conan\Data\Gui
    Rename folder "Customized" to "CustomizedUI"
    Create new folder "Customized

    make toon, switch it back. done

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    Some custom UI's appear to mess with this server. Stonerune works perfectly, didn't have to do a thing.

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