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Thread: Fun to be back

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    Cool Fun to be back

    started playing back at Launch in 2008 , i remember the various bugs but also the mayhem on the PVP server "battlescar" - used to be 7 instances in Field of the dead it was that busy

    got most chars to level 80 apart from DT , Barb and BS - now having fun with a barb on Crom

    switched to Aquilonia around 2010 ? and was in "SCUM" guild - stopped playing around 2012 - now having great fun and its bring back some great memories

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    I log on a few times a year, and will usually log on the forums 1-2 times per month. It's always a nice trip down memory lane. After playing other games it becomes so clear how much AoC is really lacking and why I personally could never come back, unless they did a total rework and/or relaunch (leaving the combat system intact, of course).

    I hope you enjoy your time back, however long it lasts.
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