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Thread: Returning Guard Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by tekila1970 View Post
    Sorry but this means that the guardian class is not on equal terms compared to other classes in causing hate until it does not reach t1, t2, t3, and more ... ????
    that's wrong!

    guard is one of the strongest as soon as you reach 80 with blue steel crafted gear you can tank very hard hitting magical bosses, while doing relatively good agro. guard in terms of agro is the class that probably is dependent the least on is gear, but carried by it's combo shield slam and stall the advance + good survival.

    whatever it's dps may be, it's a very good foundation for fresh 80 grouping.

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    As Lurvi said it's quite the opposite in fact, with equal noob gear a guardian will generate much more aggro than a conq or a dt.
    Kaleeh PoM - Resolved Guard - Reducia Sin

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