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Thread: Feeling lonely - picked the wrong server?

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    Unhappy Feeling lonely - picked the wrong server?

    Ok - started as a new player on Fury, have levelled my PoM to 30, but am feeling lonely... Seems very quiet on the server, and only occasionally see people in the distance flying by on some mission or other.

    Really wanted to get involved in groups etc, and now reading here it seems Crom may have been the better choice?

    I don't suppose there is any free way to transfer the character? Or is it just a case of delete and start again?

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    Fury is the pvp server where very few people play.
    Crom is the pve server where you can find groups. I suggest you reroll on Crom.
    Kaleeh PoM - Resolved Guard - Reducia Sin

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    No free way to transfer. I'd suggest keeping an eye out for when the Saga Server starts and get in on that. It's a limited time server and when it closes they'll move the characters over to Crom. Until then you can either keep on with the Fury Pvp or roll a new character on Crom.

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    Thanks - that's kind of what I thought.

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    Level 30 is pretty fast though. And when youre new Tortage is quite excellent and enjoyable.

    Id just start over on Crom right away if I were you. Waiting for the Saga server is gonna feel like holding your breath; ok at first, but after a while its gonna start bothering you
    Echotun - DT

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