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Thread: Saga server !

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    T6 weap. + neckl sounds interesting for me. sadly i play most on fury. sry that i dont read through all but i have some questions:

    - Can i claim these items on my main on fury? if not, most furians even have no reason to join pve server.

    - if i roll a Dark Templar on SAGA - but want to claim T6 items on anoter char on "crom" like a conqueror or a BS, is that possible or is the T6 loot bound to Dark templar class?

    - why there is no option to choose between crom or fury? can we get a free transfer to crom or fury on registration page or somewhere else?

    - RF is disabled at start - why? or why not complete disabled?- i promise RF will break the feeling of making real raids or dungeons fast...

    - Other achievement like purists or hunting does not bring any special? ok thats not a real question..seems to be fact.

    - Whats meant by "classical raid progression" ? T1 - T6? just a minority of players on crom can clear T6 and i think most people able clearing T6 are bored of T6 farming or the rewards im interested in... and the rest even CANT clear t5 or t6. Hmm...

    - Raids are locked till next tuesday like other servers? would be a fail for a temp. server and most people having a RealLife. Even AA point farming takes weeks.

    - What about ingame T3 armor and or other things? still buyable in itemshop?

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    The biggest question I have out of your set is whether the stuff you get on your saga character only transfers with your saga character : i.e. I thought that we would get the option to put the saga gear equivalent on a regular server character

    Its going to make a big difference in what I take to saga since I don't need t6 on bear or demo...

    and do you get to pick the neck/weapon?

    And when is funcom going to put the t5 and t6 weapon vendors in game?

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    Introducing: Saga of Zath

    Right before the new year, we announced what we’re calling the Saga Server--a brand new limited-time server where you create a new character, complete milestones, earn exclusive loot, and experience the thrill of starting anew!

    The Saga begins January 24th. Let’s take a closer look at Saga of Zath, the first Saga Server:

    What is the Saga of Zath?

    ‘Saga of Zath’ is a new limited-time server running on a PvE ruleset identical to Crom. You create a new character on this server, and play through a special “Saga Quest” as you progress. Completing objectives in this quest awards exclusive cosmetics, titles, and up to Tier 6-quality raid gear! There’s also a special Saga-exclusive Hoard you can purchase, featuring tradable items! The server is only open until May 15th. Once over, the server closes and your Saga character is transferred onto Crom with their inventory fully intact.

    How can I play on Saga of Zath?

    It’s easy - all you have to do is click a button! From the character selection screen, look for the option on the right to “Create Saga Character”. You won’t need an empty character slot to play on Saga of Zath, either. Just create a character and play right away!

    You cannot transfer a character nor use a character boost on Saga of Zath; everyone starts fresh with nothing but rags and broken oars to their name. This also means you don’t have access to pre-existing account claims nor tokens when starting on Saga of Zath.

    Unique Features of Saga of Zath:

    The Saga Quest

    Shortly after washing ashore on Tortage Island, you are assigned a “Saga Quest” which tasks you with reaching various progression milestones:

    Reach Level 20
    Reach Level 50
    Reach Level 80
    Fulfill your Destiny
    Complete a Raid via the Raid Finder*
    Classic Raid Progression

    Completing each stage of the quest awards a special vanity item or account-wide title exclusive to Saga of Zath, along with powerful loot including a Tier 4 Cloak and a Tier 6 Weapon and Necklace for your class!
    * The Raid Finder will not be available at the start of Saga of Zath. Don’t worry--we’ll turn it on shortly after the launch.
    Server Conquest

    Vanquishing Ethram-Fal (the final boss of the Palace of Cetriss) on Saga of Zath awards the entire server a special vanity cloak. The accomplishment is broadcast globally, and participants in the encounter receive a unique title to commemorate their victory. There is no limit to how many times this may be accomplished.
    Ethram-Fal must be felled outside of the Raid Finder for the achievement to count.
    Heroes who defeat Ethram-Fal during the Saga will go on to be immortalized at the end, their names published on our website for all to see and honor.
    Exclusive Hoard

    A special Hoard is available exclusively to your character on Saga of Zath. Remember, your Saga character’s inventory carries over to Crom when the Saga ends, so you can show off or even trade your goods with the community.
    Fatality Bonus

    What is best in life? Your Saga character has an increased chance at triggering a fatality when crushing your enemies. Fatalities grant bonus XP.
    Spoils of War (Members Only)

    As a Member, experience greatly increased token gains for your Saga character while playing on Saga of Zath.
    Good Omens

    Hyboria is a dangerous place, but on Saga of Zath, you can at least know that the Twelve Portents won’t get in the way. World Bosses are disabled on this server.

    The Saga Continues

    Thanks for reading this overview!

    We’re excited to launch this project and hope to open additional Sagas down the line based how much you all end up liking Saga of Zath. We can experiment with rulesets and other aspects for future installations, so please let us know what you think of the whole thing!

    Now, gird your loins and enter the fray, heroes! Your saga begins!

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    So on saga I can level up a character from lvl 1 to 80, then raid all the way up to T6 in order to... get T6 loot as a reward ?
    Surely if one has the ability to raid T6 and wants to get T6 loot, one can do that on Crom with an existing character that's already lvled up/geared/AA'ed, right ?

    What's the incentive for Saga, rather than Crom ? I don't see it :/ Granted there are exclusive titles and vanity items but is that enough ? Personally I'm not sure.
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    So the Saga it's going to be second Crom server. Why? It's should be open pvp server with a lot of changes. We did same things on Crom before saga! Why we must doing the same boring things again? Again, and Again Again!?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jota180 View Post
    This also means you don’t have access to pre-existing account claims nor tokens when starting on Saga of Zath.
    uh oh. No extra bag space is such a quality of life downgrade. What is the best affordable bag in the game?

    Did anyone mention if the xp gains is normal? Even with all the xp-pots my characters usually get the world boss cloak before reaching lvl 80 these days. It is probably no use to get to invested in this if I do not believe I can get to lvl 80 before servers closes. The challenges was the last time Funcom introduced something that had an inbuilt content speed check (if you do not finish on time the counter reset). I have not gotten a blue or purple box since the first month so there is a possibility I will just end of halfway there.

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    I don't know why I expected something different, something more interesting and refreshing, special kinds of speedruns and so on, competitive ladder system... yeah, I am ****ing naive to think of something like that.
    Right now it just sounds like "Hey you know the thing you did on Crom for the last 5 years? We got a new server where you can do the same thing, completely from the beginning, without all the special stuff you earned (QoL stuff like bigger bags, mounts and so on) on the other server over the years!"

    Eh... I am not sure if I can stand another gear grind... it's just boring after the 15th character... and don't get me started with the AAs... 1080 hours of waiting as rogue classes to be something useful in most harmode dungeons (TW and FH)... or an awful long grind of normal mode dungeons (if there are no expertise points after level ups).

    I might look into these vanity armor rewards... hopefully they don't look too damn shabby like the worldboss cloaks or dragon spine armor sets... ugh...
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    Anyone notice the wording "first Saga server"? So instead of content we're going to be given an endless train of fresh start servers with nothing new to do?
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    The Saga Quest

    Classic Raid Progression
    its 14 weeks for the saga Server. reaching lvl 80 plus gearing up a whole raid group well enough for T6 to kill Ethram??

    if the saga server has regular cd for raid instances I dont see how that should be possible! maybe a dev can enlighten us here?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demofyre View Post
    its 14 weeks for the saga Server. reaching lvl 80 plus gearing up a whole raid group well enough for T6 to kill Ethram??

    if the saga server has regular cd for raid instances I dont see how that should be possible! maybe a dev can enlighten us here?!?
    10 weeks of rf will do the trick^^

    and u have to be subed ofc

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