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Thread: Saga server !

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    100,000 atlantean shards!

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    Meh...just hoping Saga is not a " Crom 2 " version.

    And of course it will be no fun if there isnt any special thing about questing or areas, because after 26 toons i just get a bit sick seing tortage again even for the 20-40Min it costs to play there.

    And if there is no information what we can get at best " rewards " its not worth my time anyways.

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    Thumbs down

    This is the final hope of funcom to grab some quick money,so they can dig into Exiles. How they can get money off Saga? Two simple yet tricky solutions:

    a) AA's: And how can ppl get aa's? By using premium. And what ppl need for premium? Meh...funcomized. But wait, perhaps fc will give some new shop item such as ''Extreme Philter of Alternative Advancements''. 100e and get instant maximum AA's tree.Just because..who on earth gonna replay all over again without AA's? DT's without VoM? Barbs without ATG? Rangers without xploiting 24/7 RS? Bleurh.. Funcomized n2 >.>
    b) Gear: The sweet spot and guaranteed source of £/$/€. Again,you rly think ppl gonna grind off their arses into raids/khitai hm's/pivipi events/minis for gear? Nein. Shop our savior machine.

    So,instead of a useless new server that will become just another Rage/Deathwish, even if piviee only, and for SURE it will kill the alrdy struggling FURY, why not to improve the existing game? Some tiny suggestions such as:

    1) *Give us option to customize vanilla UI overlay. (Drag & Resize screen elements.)
    2) *Enable modding. (Anyone familiar with modding,will understand what i talking about.ESO as example)
    3) ***New mini games maps with new objectives. (Example: The last alive player on map,will get a sexy reward/xp/blabla,or MINI SIEGES such as 12v12.)
    4) **Expand levels,both main (80+) and pvp ranks (r10-15 for example),with new gear/wpns etc.
    5) **Create brackets on minis. Example: ranks 1-5 will get option to join both minis with other ppl pvp1-5,and as optional they can join games with ppl pvp6-10, but players rank 6-10 will have to join their same bracket minis (versus others r6-10 only).
    6) *In game VOIP. Ok ts/vent etc works fine,but..we're at 2018 (plus it gonna give a lot more fun all around.)
    7) ***New classes. You can't imagine how many ppl will gonna luv this.Quick example: Some kind of class with shield and spear combo (modified guards kinda with new skillsets),new casters,rogues,etc. Every other mmo on the market have alrdy done that. Why you can't funcom?
    8) ****Anti cheat shield. Wtf? Is that so hard? CE the most easy to get detected/busted,and some ppl will stop capping flags in 5secs. Other 3rd craps,not sure if FC's pockets can handle for such anti cheat softwares..
    9) *Decrease premium subs/shop prices,or give to vet accounts,any % percent discount.(Alrdy 2-3 other mmos have such things with success)
    10) **New better hosting servers. Funny thing doing minis while ms jumping from 120 to 500. And at the same time,other chaps playing with 20-50ms. (yaya OFC its my ISP's fault, not bc of merging..)

    *Optional suggestions.
    **What will make alot of ppl happier.
    ***Crucial to keep game alive and refreshing.
    ****What have be done since day 1.

    Over and out.My camels needs food and sun is shiny in holy lands.
    FUtilez / The Law

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    so hyped for this awesome server! world first saga lvl80 Necro inc!
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    It seems this is coming next week, do we know when next week?

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    hopefully not. and probably not as the characters will be moved to crom later
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    Quote Originally Posted by generalkreator View Post
    Is this going to be a Epic Fail like RAGE HC PVP Server?
    I don't think you should set your hopes so high. That was fun for a couple of months, if this server is fun for a couple of months, it'd be a great success.
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    I am ready, but I have a male and female of all Classes and then some. Or so it seems...... 3 barbarians, 4 rangers. Obviously I like leveling new characters though!

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    disable the AA points gained per level for saga pls!

    would be nice for real progression, and not the ez mode insta VoM/StA get as soon as you ding 80.

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