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Thread: Funcom Points on sale until December 31

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    Default Funcom Points on sale until December 31

    I didn't see a thread for this anywhere on the forums, but it's advertised on AoC's twitter. Extra Funcom points awarded in the item shop for each purchase.

    Happy holidays

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    It's listed over on FB as well.

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    As discussed in this thread:

    me and, so it seems, a lot of veterans don't find anything usefull or reasonable priced in the item shop. As nice as discounts are, why use them if you do not need FC points?

    Bring back the unlock option (and if you do make it so that one can see it even if one has not enough FC points to buy it right away), especially for bags, vanity etc.
    Bring back small items for small prices (microtransactions). Pots, vanity (single items), pets (at least the ones who once were exclusivly buyable in the item shop and that can now no longer be optained because they were deleted from the item shop).

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