The high priest stared at the Lord of the Meranos nervously. He had little choice. This alignment would not come again for decades and he needed the Merano men.

He poked the sauces as the fatman of Messantia laughed and cavorted with his women.

Finally the high priest spoke

During a blood moon a great battle will awaken an ancient temple. The bloodshed must be catastrophic. This temple was one of the pre cataclysmic shrines to Xolti. He signed again as he looked at Tavio sternly* today is a blood moon Merano. Today is the battle for Calenach. The temple will rise. I found this during the looting of Calenach just were the prophecies indicated it would be. *pushes forward a map upon flesh indicating the fields of the dead*

The temple rose amidst the ancient tombs of the dead.
The blood moon hung low and large silhouetting those gathered.

The high priest clenched his fists in anticipation trying hard not to think of Pax and Ptah.

As the red rays of the moonlight hit the sigil of Xotli upon the ancient door which seemed to shimmer in and out of existence a more tangible form materialized.

The Herald Shimsi began to convulse and shudder as she fell to her knees.