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    Weekly RP Event.

    Two houses finished preparations, wagons were breaking from the spoils of war, everything that Caelnach pillaged in years of raiding was devided between two families, stored and ready to send south. There was absolutely everything, starting from ancient artifacts and ending with slaves. It was simply too much, so decision was obvius.

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    Trading Caravan will stop in every city on their way south, every time Caravan makes a stop a great Fair to be hosted. Everything to be espected- auctions, gladiatoric fights, slave market, and ofcourse nasty surprises....

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    House Merano and House Jade Asp calling all traders, adventurers and simple folk to join them in the Fields of the Dead during the first stop of a great trading caravan.

    ((OOC- We couldnt agree on time, so sadly this event is deadly late for EU players;/ Friday, 7pm EST time - 1am German time, Fields of the Dead. In the future we will host those events at much more EU friendly hours EVERYONE ARE WELCOMED Good fun and laugh promised)

    ((For more info or invite contact Satetka or Tavio))
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