The Crimson Veil are inviting all those willing and able to join them in celebration of the Bloody Sun! The ancient ruins of the Barachan Isles will run red with the blood of the defilers under the red light of the eclipse.

After the glorious bloodshed, all survivors are to make their way to the warm beaches of White Sands Isle, where they shall bask in the luxuries of champions. Good food; strong drink; strong men and beautiful women for temporary or permanent sale!

OOC info.:

On Saturday the 18th of November, 10pm (GMT), 5pm (EST), join the Crimson Veil in a night of fun, fighting, and free drinks!

Meeting in the Acheronian Ruins, the party will perform a ritual slaughter to cleanse the ruins of 'lesser races', followed by the spilling of demonic blood. Then its off to White Sands Isle where there will be an 'after party' for everyone who wants to relax after a night of bloodshed!

Send a PM to Lorchon in game around that time to get an invite.