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Thread: What mods and where to get them please?

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    Default What mods and where to get them please?

    Hi, I've not played Conan for many years but thought I'd revisit. Rather than scour the internet looking for the best place to get mods, which are the recognised useful ones and how to install them, I thought I'd start with you lovely people. Any advice is gratefully received.

    - Which is the best UI download resource?
    - What are the best / useful mods?

    Thanks in advance.


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    There are no "mods" to age of conan unlike wow as they aren't permitted, but there are some custom user interfaces available.

    Ikos is a good one, you can download it here

    You will need to use the aoc ui installer to install it properly

    About the closest thing to a mod is a game tweaking tool called aoc quick start

    You can get a copy here

    Just make sure your game is patched and up to date before applying the aoc quick start. It allows you features such as bypassing the patcher (which can be a tedious waste of time) and other tweaks that may or may not improve game performance.

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    Thanks Jeetz. Just what I was looking for

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