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Thread: AA bug: Will of the sublim and Red Shadow of Xolti

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    Default AA bug: Will of the sublim and Red Shadow of Xolti

    Hello guys, I have an issue with those 2 AA: Red Shadow of Xolti which increase the strength and the Intelligence passively, and the will of the sublime which increase the critical damage rating accordingly with the strength and the intelligence.
    The amazing thing with RSoX is the increasing of str and int when transformed, the damage is so great. It would be perfect with will of the sublime because the critical rating would then be insane. But when I have the 2 aa feated, and when I transform, my critical damage rating actually decrease... My strength and intelligence get the increase but not the critical damage rating... Which sucks!
    I'm doing mostly PvP, and my critical damage is very important, specially with pillar which gives an insane burst. But if the "combo" of the 2 aa is bugged, I will need to change them and take better one. Because, in my opinion, if they are so great it's because the work perfectly together...

    Thanks for your answers
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    It works, stat page only shows right numbers when you close/reopen it.
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