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Thread: Server population for today

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    Question Server population for today

    I have plan back to the game, but i dont know which server od better to choose? I care about a larger population and where I can find people for dungeons. I heard about random dungeon finder system in AoC, it works like in world of Warcraft?

    I want to do new character And play from the beginning...
    I would almost forget, a subscription is A good idea - buying?

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    Pick Crom server, it's the one that has decent population.

    Raid Finder is not great in AoC, it's a super easy version of the raid tiers.

    Subscription is not worth it, especially when you're not lvl80.
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    If you're looking for where the people are than you want to go to Crom; the PvE server. While you get some stuff for subbing, it's really not needed until you hit level 80.

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    thanks for your help. of course I chose the crom server, I immediately met several of my countrymen. I like pvp but arena are enough for me. I want go to dungeons, I have hope util to 80 lv I will find ppl .

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