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Thread: Which ui are you guys using?

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    Default Which ui are you guys using?

    Which ui are you guys using?

    Cant seem to find IKOS which was the one i used previously..

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    I'm using Strange UI at the moment, it's really customizable and brings in a lot of nifty features. I haven't tried any of the other ones.

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    Strange UI have alot of ways to customize it.
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    Default :-)
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    Ikos ui archive.

    You'll need the aoc ui installer of course. I tried to send you a pm but i don't think it worked. Enjoy.

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    Alt+z UI, for the real heroes!

    Joke aside, I suggest Strange UI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyyr View Post

    Too old to switch from ikos tho.

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    defualt. I find modded ui's to be an exploit giving players more slots then initially intended.
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