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Thread: Pom pvp.

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    Default Pom pvp.

    Hey guys. Can anyone post some up to date pvp build and perks that go with it? Please only competent pvpers. Cheers

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    I use this on my pom:

    For the perks i dont know the names in english but it's must be something like :

    Décisives strikes/field of war/repair overkill/deliverance/shield of shine/blessed soul. (google translate <3)
    Aess ~ Pom R10 / Rheizhyn ~ Hox R10 / Fraize ~ Barb R7 / Vilcyness ~ DT R3

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    Used this spec majority of time with pom works great have no mana issues at all

    perks FoW - decisive // deliverance - cc reduction one(forget what its called) // blessed soul - light the path

    this build is designed for minigames but for duels divinity can be a better option

    - Skuxx

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