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Thread: My build of Priest of Mitra.

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    I was wrong when saying that force of will might be broken. At least on testlive it works as intended. No further comments about wasted 4 points :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yawgmoth-VDN View Post
    the issue is that if you want to get the buffs from the rings only, you need to get 2 gems with exactly the same buffs, while if you have t6 weapons/accessories you are a bit more flexible.

    and, since the combination of buffs is totally random, it usually takes quite a bit of farming to get what you want.
    Ok, ty.
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    i dont give a opti template for this guy but just a good template dps with a good mana regen because when i look the template of guy i suppose he have no exp and probabli no chaos ring with 6% mana tap and if you want dps and mana you dont feat lance of mitra you feat full holy accesion because if you use blue heal and condemn you have 0 mana 10s later
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    i dont know you fighting in mud for know if smite or lance is the best )))
    but if you want my opinion lance of mitra have best dps but the difference is ridiculous just the column aoe is nice i use in my temlate raid and on single target you have not a big difference with smite
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