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Thread: Best class for solo.

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    Default Best class for solo.

    Returning player here,and i have few questions.

    First,the premium membership for all,what is that??? I push the upgrade membership button on my account but i still need to pay,so what is that for all????

    And about the class not only solo PVE,solo PVP too. Which one is the best class for those two things????

    Actually i have a Barbarian lvl 65 and a Tempest of Set lvl 69 but it is long ago that i am not playing this game.

    The Necromancer is good for solo????
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    Any info please??? Cus 60 visitors and 0 answers. At least i need to know why my account does not upgrade to premium...maybe i have understand bad the situation???
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    You have to pay to subscribe. Its free to play the game... but theres a cost involved for some of the expansion playfields + premium.

    Demo and Necro are good for solo, but this really isn't a solo focused game. Every class can have a role in some way or another.
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