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Thread: pvp builds and aa's?

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    Default pvp builds and aa's?

    So I've come back to the game after awhile and playing my demo a bit, most threads in demo section seem old so thought i'd ask for any input on a good lvl 80 pvp build and pve build and what sort of aa's are good to shoot for.

    Not seeing much in terms of typical rotations either so if anyone can offer some advice there that would be much appreciated as well.
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    for pve, the guide from Khaletohep is still good. i use a small variation of the wof build (link) because i mostly use my demo in t5, and consume flames is quite handy on the 1st boss. if you don't do t5, you can move those points to backdraft.

    perks: ring of fire and cacodemon.
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    I don't play pretty much anymore, but I don't think much has changed in the last year, so for PvP:

    Perks: Bindings of the Skylord and Ring of Fire.

    Build: for minis and premade.
    For duels you could use something a bit different.
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