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Thread: Game still has potential

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    Default Game still has potential

    Hello Forum,

    Thinking of returning to play but before I do!

    Whats the possibility of belonging to an Active guild ?

    I already have characters, im not 100% sure if things have changed enough, that my characters are no longer able to play certain content, really have no idea!

    Looking forward to hearing from you folks

    Kindest of regards


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    I'm still seeing a lot of guild's recruiting so finding one that fit's your style will be the hard part. RP, PvE, Raiding, Pvp they're all out there.

    Depending on how long you've been gone there are some new end game dungeons that you'd have to gear up for, but on the whole if you could play it before you should still be able to.

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    I hope you come back and enjoy yourself.

    There is a lot of good information on these forums about the level80 six mans and the tier 1 and 2 raid instances. There is also a brief write up on the pre-level 80 instances. There is a dungeon & raid thread sticky with links to these. Also Cynara's blog has good write ups on a number of the 6man instances.

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