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Thread: Does Bartholomo die? (Tortage nighttime)

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    Default Does Bartholomo die? (Tortage nighttime)

    Spoiler alert!!
    So as a PoM I had to go inside the Tortage keep and free Bartholomos daughter as payment for him to get the medallion part from Strom.
    When I freed the daughter she talks about her dad in past tense as if it's implicit that he's probably being killed by the Red hand: "my dad is.. was.."

    Did I miss something, or is Bartholomo's death only hinted at like this? Is it certain that he is dead? Because he will probably stand outside his shop in morning anyway -.-

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    Been a long time since I ran through that part, but you could also interpret that as she is just assuming her father will be killed for this.

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    He is undead ,just like this game :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Shink- View Post
    He is undead ,just like this game :P
    holy **** looool

    head shot

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