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Thread: The Shambling Plague

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    Quote Originally Posted by splitends View Post
    I also have a pet addiction. I set up a spreadsheet using data from Henryx's pet collection.

    From the pets I don't have that may no longer be available:

    Pet: The Abominable Cthulhi Exclusive Crossover Celebration for The Secret World’s 4th anniversary@30June-13July 2016
    Pet: Terrifying Bone Golem Kickstarter Campaign of Conan by Megalith
    Companion: Solstice Ghostfire Limited Edition 6 and 12 Month Subscription Pack Offers
    Pet: Fu Dog Rise of the Godslayer Beta Participation
    Companion: Corrupted Handmaiden
    Mini-Pet: Acheronian Ritualist
    Mini-Pet: Osseous Abomination
    Mini-Pet: Serpent Man Omni-Prophet
    Mini-Pet: Serpent Man Underling
    Pet: Young Shemite Hawk
    acheronian ritualist is from acheronian caches, handmaiden and the serpent men are from excavator caches, easy to get : do the quests ! (luck helps with rng !)
    Hungry Bear.
    Chamacappa - Happyshamie - Sekmheth - Oyako - Nexoxcho - and an other dozen of cripples !

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    At what point do we go from "exclusive reward" meaning if you don't get it through the promotion at that time to needs an alternate method? Should we just assume that all exclusive rewards will be available later without buying the Special packages?

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    true that items tied to special offers should not be obtainable if you don't get the special offer. maybe re-enable the collector edition of rotg in the shop for example.
    on the other hand, older item shop pets can be bought with gilding tokens as it's the system that superseded it.
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    Hungry Bear.
    Chamacappa - Happyshamie - Sekmheth - Oyako - Nexoxcho - and an other dozen of cripples !

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