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Thread: NW Open 2017 - Fury PvP Tournament

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    Default NW Open 2017 - Fury PvP Tournament

    NW OPEN 2017

    What: NW Open Grand Guild Tournament

    When: 11th-13th August, each evening after 7 pm CET and till the end

    Where: Preliminary parts - NW Guild City Arena, finals - Kheshatta Arena

    Schedule: 11th-12th August - 1vs1 group stage + Ymirish Games, 13th August finals in Kheshatta Arena

    Prize Fund: 900 gold + some bonuses maybe

    Categories: 1vs1 archetypes challenge, 1vs1 grand finals, 2vs2 ffa, 3vs3 ffa


    - all competitors using full t1 pvp gear and thats it

    - no power potions, no gold pots for hp/mana, just regular things

    - no runes, no flowers and any other extra things, only natural to ur class abilties

    - all early stage knockouts, go simultaneous way in kheshatta arena, since semi-finals stage fights are going standalone

    - only one char per competition in finals stage, you made choice, you live with it


    1vs1 group stage:

    - duelers will be sorted in groups and will have series of duels, up to 3 wins, each win in duel awards 1 point

    - top scorers in preliminary part will go to final knockout grid and start knockout competition

    - winners in archetypes will be decided by points and awarded after group stage

    - this stage is exclusive for NW members

    1vs1 grand finals:

    - participants will be sorted in grid and play by knockout system

    - Top-4 players will get own award (2nd final for 3rd and 4th spot)

    - non-NW players can sign up and participate in knockout phase

    Premade All-Stars series:

    - top 2 players in duels grand finals will become team captains

    - they start a draft round and can pick one by one, in turns players for their teams

    - not more than 2 of same class allowed at first draft pick

    - the All-Stars series lasts till 2 wins

    - after the loss, team captain from losing team, can swap one player from winning team

    Ymirs Games:

    - Become Ymir and rock! Prizes each round, MVP special award!

    - NW members only event

    2vs2 open knockout + 3vs3 open knockout:

    - grid knockout system for pvp groups

    - top groups will get awarded by their own cute prizes

    - you can participate in 2vs2 and 3vs3 only in one pvp group in each category

    - no class stacking in 2vs2/3vs3 category allowed

    - open for everyone!


    - some special Jury Awards will occur aside of it - most dramatic series, most epic fight, best comeback
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    Unfortunately, but we have to swap dates and move tournament on later dates, new dates are 11th-13th August.
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    Sounds like a good time
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