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    Dear Funcom,

    I have bought a Game Card with 60 days premium membership. But on the account page I can not register it. I get an error. I have wrote to support, they said that my card is valid and I can register it thrue the account page and the ticked was closed. I have tried it again, but it do not works. Than I wrote to in-game support and they answer me, that this Game Card is invalidity and they can not help me. I have paid 20 euros fot this card and this is a box from Funcom. Please help me!


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    They no longer accept game cards. Get a refund from whoever you bought it from.
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    I picked one up cheap at Christmas from Amazon. Found out they stopped using them awhile ago so back it went for a refund. If you got it via Amazon all I said on the refund request was doesn't work and linked the F/C reply I got from contacting Customer Support.

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    I have bought the game cards for one year ago...

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