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Thread: Class Balance is gone / other thoughts

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    Default Class Balance is gone / other thoughts

    After several years of watching how the classes play, I got to say this : the balance is absolutely gone.

    Melee classes are basically dominating the entire game with only a few higher pvp levels like 9/10 casters able to compete in the minis games.
    On top of that, you are giving barbarians insane speed that basically morphs them off the screen when combined with lag compensation funcom has given eastern European players get.

    The ranger is by far out of control in the high tier pvp gear and AA combination. My personal experience with a few casting classes and healing class, is that no matter what spec I use, the only out from ranger damage is a 5 minute cool down on a bubble.

    The combo system, absolutely annihilated with exploits. I know we can't discuss in detail these issues, but they exist and need to be addressed at some point to bring in and retain new players.
    I've read and discussed this game on forums and social media all over the web, and the biggest negative is the combo system. Either people are unable to utilize the system or players are exploiting the system to the point of the game coming to a crawl during minis.

    IMO , the key issues that can make AoC better :

    Figure out how to balance rangers in terms of pvp gear and AA's
    Combo system adjustments to at most stall exploitation to allow the game to repopulate
    With the end game so extreme, casters need to be just as extreme, even as tier or tier 2 pvp gear , it just not scaling at the same rate as most rogue and melees
    Make pvp gear obtainable with a reduction in tokens and trophies it takes to buy pvp gear. I've played for the last few months, and because minis aren't popping I'm not able to get trophies and badges.
    If you are going pay to win, go big. Make all pvp gear purchasable in the shop at the same time lowering shop prices
    remove server lag compensation, it just isn't necessary in the 21st century.
    In-game chat text translation, so it makes it easier to communicate with people from other countries and make the community more engaged
    Please, don't introduce new pvp armor until you've actually been successful at balancing the current pvp armor. Piling on problems should be a thing of the past by now, and if it isn't, I would recommend finding a new game director.

    The final and most important thing, be proactive in the community . This means policing the community regularly for T.O.S. abuses .
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    I wonder how there can be people who still haven't realized that the game is dead and abandoned.
    Weekly auto generated maintenance messages on forum boards is the only thing you will get
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    Class balance is pretty much fine with few tweaks on it could help, but what would help LOT MORE if people in this game would not be so stupid, everyday you see some tool saying that someone is cheating or X class is OP just because he sucks at the game and does not understand how things work.

    In the end Op classes currently Conq/Pom/Hox/Necro/Barb (Tos in lost temple and this goes for premades only)
    Not to mention if you play with 30ms that is pretty much worse than playing against cheaters when people from EU have to deal with 200+ MS

    Besides nothing gonna change anymore, and we should just be happy that Rangers wont do 8k penetrating shots, or guards run with 20% speed boost one shotting everyone with one combo + PI.
    Who Am I kidding? rangers are still handicap friendly noob class which require no skill what so ever, just slam your fat head in your keyboard to kill some poor clothie while being impossible to catch because 99% of rangers play like a **** and are useless for their team
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    Rangers are not inline with the rest of game, and at this points , it feels like funcom is trolling players with the class. If anything out of my entire post gets worked on, I would hope it is balancing rangers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solareus View Post
    Rangers are not inline with the rest of game, and at this points , it feels like funcom is trolling players with the class. If anything out of my entire post gets worked on, I would hope it is balancing rangers.
    Read Slackjoints post thoroughly I see.

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    A while back, Funcom announced the addition of "unchained" minis where gear would be eliminated from the PVP experience. With the limited amount of developer time for this game, class balancing appears beyond Funcom ability. I am not even sure that balancing all classes is a possibility.

    The whole concept of gear progression to make you more powerful is a PVE concept. They need to do away with the token to buy gear and only have the level requirement. In addition, they need to substantially increase the progression to PVP 10.

    If I lose to another player, I want it to be because that player is a better player than me, not because of someone that has been able to invest time into getting better gear.

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