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    I'm gallumping down that road in Ymir's Pass from the Clan Maugh camp heading north. I had just trotted down that staircase and up ahead I see this guy just gallop off the edge into thin air. I go up and look down at the corpse.

    Hovering the cursor over the body, it's identified as some level 80 guy. Then, it turned into a tombstone.

    So, what on earth would be the motive for a level 80 to just jump off a cliff? I mean, death's not permanent, but why voluntarily incur the penalties for dying?

    This is a head-scratcher for me.

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    Ymir's Pass has been known to drive many people to suicide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tura View Post
    Ymir's Pass has been known to drive many people to suicide.
    Yeah, I can see that...

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    Funcom actually rewards for this under the achievement system. There are several areas where these leaps of faith show off the impressive visuals of this game.

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    Sounds to me like somebody wanted to go to the rezz pad as quick as possible and switch instance. Not unusual in a WB week.
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    There is one rez pad in Ymir's pass that seems to be accessible only by dying, and there is a quest giver at that rez pad for a quest that is listed in the achievements for that zone. Although where you describe he committed suicide does not sound like it is close to this place.

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    Maybe they just read the news that Funcom has put AoC in maintenance mode.

    Soooo loooooong cruel world!


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    The death penalty is trivial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapwater View Post
    The death penalty is trivial.
    I guess, but I figure why incur any, if ya don't have to.

    But, quick travel to a rez pad is not a bad reason.

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