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Thread: How to Change the Chat Colour, Global (German)

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    Default How to Change the Chat Colour, Global (German)

    Hello everybody,
    Has anyone a idea how I can change the German Global Chat color of this gray in a different color?
    I would have to know which line must get exactly a new color code

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    Find a Data/Gui folder. Search for the TextColors file.
    Once you found it:
    1. Create a new folder under Gui called Customized
    e.g Data/Gui/Customized
    2. Copy TextColors.xml into the Customized folder
    3. Open the TextColors.xml and edit the hex value of the chat you desire, save.

    I am not sure which one is German but it will be there.

    You can do this while in game. Use /reloadui to see the changes.

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