This is a call-out for those roleplayers in love with the Conan-universe

Bones of Acheron (BoA) is one of the oldest surviving RP servers around in Conan Exiles. We are an RP server before anything else.
We run on a 70 slot dedicated server, NA-located, all costs covered by server owner.
Apply at

So since RP is before anything else, let us start with that.
RP on BoA is varied to an almost extreme. Many clans have made their home on BoA. Some had disappeared again, but the variety of clans is almost limitless. Here are the clans currently active, that I know of

Temple of Derketo Set's whores and priestesses of fertility
LVDVS MAGNVS Gladiators fight for Freedom and Glory!
The Dark Order - Mercenaries carving their place in the world
Twelve Leagues - Their stronghold overrun, the ex-pirates now live in the hidden depths of the Exiled Lands
Church of Mitra - Religious fanatics, purifying the heathen Darfari
Ascendance - Set's Chosen, dedicated to unearthing the mysteries of this land, unravelling the shadow that looms over us all
Saoirse - A village figting to survive in the lands of Exiles, trade is their weapon
The Nine-Claws Monastery Unnoticed, the Khitanese have inserted themselves
The Wild Horde - A tribe of Darfari, fighting to survive in the face of invading Exiles
Clan Vargar - A nordheimer clan with a terrible secret
New Cromheim! - As the Pheonix New Cromheim has arisen again after the Battle that laid waste to their city and inhabitants. Northern blood is strong!
City of Uresh - A city, butsling with trade and life, but threatened by the undead that have begun to roam the lands
The Order of Adessia - Aquilonian Knighthood
Blood of Edom - Descending from Acheron!
The Legion of the Red Banner - Mercenaries
The Amazons - Strength and Honour!

Our population is spread out between NA and EU, making RP available in both timezones.
As population go, we are one of the most numerous populated RP servers you will come across, currently ranked between #15-20 worldwide on

To encourage the roleplay, admins run weekly events that pertain to the server story,

players set up their own events,
(up next a coronation in New Cromheim)

admins are available to help and support player events

and there are weekly social events (Amazon Tavern most notably) to enable players to meet other players from across the map.

And then, of course, the most important part, the unplanned, the impromptu and spontaneous RP happening all over the server, ranging from lethal

to humourous encounters

Let's talk about PvP.
We tag ourselves as a PvP server, but we also enforce consensual PvP, meaning RP comes first and afterwards. Freeform combat can be agreed upon if both parties are willing.
Consent is an absolute rule, meaning no KoS allowed and players will have to state what consequences they are willing to accept in case of defeat.

Offline raiding and undeclared raiding is not allowed on BoA unless agreed upon between players (consent again).
So in order to raid player structures a siege has to be declared. Rules and date are set up between the participants.

If a clan/player is unwilling to make the effort of participating, the siege can go ahead 7 days after declaration.
A siege will usually involve a lot of effort and diplomacy. Therefore backing out is not an option for a challenged player/clan.

However, there is always the option of surrender and RP out the consequences

We categorize BoA as Lore-friendly or lore-medium
"Try to respect the lore. You can bend it a little, add to it as long as it respects the coherence. But don't disrespect it."
There's some built-in flexibility to what's feasible but insanely outlandish stuff that just doesn't fit with the setting is best played elsewhere. Fairies, for example. Or some kind of cyborg warrior. We watch and if someone complains about another person's character/background, we'll touch base and hear their side of it. If it makes sense for the setting, ok. If not, we'll try to work with them because not everyone is a fanatical RE Howard walking lore encyclopedia.

Server settings

Whoa-whoa-whoa!!! Harvest x1??
Yes, after having seen a lot of pretty wild sand castles made by single players, we opted to set harvest at x1
That said, players have still been able to create some architectural marvels
City of Uresh
Temple of Derkerto
Church of Mitra
The House of Nine-Claws
Amazon North Hold

As yes, like a proper advertisement, let us wrap this up with some Player Testamonials

Quote Originally Posted by @413957
Highly HIGHLY recommend this server.

Weekly tavern night that crosses both our NA and EU player's timezones is always a ton of fun, lots of people show up. Sometimes it feels like I can't get any actually GAMEPLAY accomplished because I will go out in the world and find other players and we just hop right into the RP.

Good population, great people, helpful/respectful admins and lots of interesting storylines.
Quote Originally Posted by Silwynn Bloodbane
This was the first event I have participated in on this server and I want to say that it was fantastic! It was more then just a raid on NPC bases, there was a story with moderation by the admins.

Silwynn now has a story to tell about vanquishing hordes of undead, tribes of savages, and TWO bone dragons! It will not soon be forgotten. At the end of it I felt exilerated like a war hero after a successful mission. A little sad about the destruction of the Temple of Mitra - not to mention a bit apprehensive, being a Mitra worshipper myself. And a little confused; I think there were pieces of the story that I was not privy to - some background that I didn't have, perhaps. Silwynn will have to ask Zin about it.

All in all, bravo! I want more!
Quote Originally Posted by Judha
It looks like another great BoA event... further proof that this is a great community
Quote Originally Posted by @13322248
Why did you come to BoA?
In one word: Population!
There are so many good servers with immersive themes and fun mods out there.
But what is the use if you cannot make use of it. If you have to sprint across the entire map each time you want to have a conversation?
The population on Bones and the RP availability is nothing short of amazing. Sometimes it seems I have people visiting my temple all the time, making it terribly hard to get work done in between RP events, but creating some fantastic personal RP stories that develops into the next day, the next, the next and so on.
Quote Originally Posted by @16028199
"Hello! Billy Mays here!
And I'm here today to endore Bones of Acheron! It is a great server with tons of active quality roleplayers, amazing builders, and an active server storyline. But wait! There is more! With the up'd server rates you can reach level 50 in two days easy by grinding a spider cave and get right into RP with no problem! There is even the fact that the admins will give you the vanity sets. All for just one application and hopping on the server!"

-Courtesy of ze Ceiling Cat
And for the nerds just wanting to read how BoA has developed thorugh these last months, here's a link to the old thread ; dating back from a time when we were all pioneers.