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Thread: [RP Announcement] Grand Seppermeru Festival

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    Default [RP Announcement] Grand Seppermeru Festival

    *A herald enters the Souk and clears his throat*

    Hear ye! Hear ye! The City of Sepermeru will host the Festival of the Grape Stomping in conjunction with the grand reopening of the Alchemy tower of the city. Prince Neverlin extends his personal invitation to one and all. There will be grape smashing, wine drinking, pie, contests of brawn and more!

    Join us Wednesday, 19 April from 8-11PM EST. Send word to Neverlin, Paxnox or Satetka for your personal invitation to this most green of cities, the jewel of the Purple Lotus Swamp.

    *The herald moves on to the next open square and begins again after taking a healthy swig of wine*
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    and how you propose for us to travel back in time to join ya?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sardanapal View Post
    and how you propose for us to travel back in time to join ya?
    Must be either 9th of April 2014 or 9th of April 202. It could also be 19th of April 2017!
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    Everybody is a critic when you typo a date ... sheesh

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