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Thread: I do not like what Funcom did with the TSW relaunch

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    Lets get real here..

    Funcom had 2 options with TSW

    1. Stop all development and drain what ever cash they could while it dies.
    2. Invest and do something new with it.

    Since TSW player numbers decline too rapidly to really justify adding major content I'd say they chose the correct option.
    Do somethening new / radical and hope it picks up momentum, because just like AoC, TSW has a lot of potential.

    And lets be fair, players would hate option 2 more, they just lack perspective.

    Actually I think that Funcom is quite exceptional in the way that they are now investing more in TSW considering the dire financial situation it was in just 1 year ago. Conan Exiles now lays (pays) the foundation for more investments.
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    I've been thinking, and watching some videos. I honestly think this is such a great move. They are changing the boring combat, which (though I loved the skill wheel thing as it reminded me of gw1) was a huge issue for me. I've redownloaded the game and am going to play this game on the regular. I'll still do mini's in aoc of course, or some pve if I can get in somewhere with my pom.
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    Completely agree with Cropt. The combat is what killed my interest in the game.

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    I just watched the new videos. Looks much better.

    I'll definitely give it another shot after the game relaunches. I am disappointed that they decided to only release shambala as the pvp minigame. People only played it for quick signet bags. I would have preferred Stonehenge.
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    Looks exactly like the original, they just tweaked textures and colors.
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