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Thread: [Rp Announcement] Server-wide Rp events.

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    Default [Rp Announcement] Server-wide Rp events.

    House Merano and House Jade Asp are hosting them together now
    They still happening
    But since all the discussion is at House Merano forums, its no sence to update it here any longer.
    Anyone interested in server-wide events should check for them at
    Merano rp forums alive and kicking and anyone welcome to join
    Pretty much everyone are there now
    RP is here, and away more then we can handleXD
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    Only the dead have seen the end of war.

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    Gl to House Asp and Merano
    Khemi. Picture Hell on the cheap then add more whores

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    An important update.
    The old website does not exist any longer, same as Jade asp Website
    Our new homepage for House of Jade Asp and House Merano is-
    Everyone are there old posts and stories didnt disapire, they all moved to
    We alive and kicking, come join us
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    Only the dead have seen the end of war.

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